Thursday, August 28, 2008

Always Remembered, Never To Be Forgotten...Please click on "Titanic" music to view this post"

This is our sweet Melissa, I hardly know what to say...She was born Aug 29th, (30 years ago tomorrow) , she is missed more today than ever!
I always loved this cute picture of her! She was sassy, spunky and very charismatic... everyone loved her!
We took this picture one beautiful fall day in the White mtns. All our kids at home.. how I loved and cherish that time... Melissa in the red shoes! Melissa wearing her "my heart belongs to daddy shirt", she slipped on Dad's boots that day, I grabbed a picture! Sure glad I did.
This picture sits on our dresser and always will... Love you Lissy poo...

Monday, August 25, 2008

Cute Little Whipple Kids from Texas!

( You gotta click on Elvis' A little less conversation (music below) , turn up the volumn and check out these hip hop kids,, they are too cool for words! l to r: Paige, Savannah and Luke
These cuties just got back from visiting their other Grandma in Canada! Paige and Luke
Beautiful Canada and my darling grandchildren! Paige and Luke
You are growing up way too fast! Don't get taller than you already are!
I used to make powdered sugar donuts for my kids and now Todd and Laura are making them for their kids, or maybe those are store bought, not sure! Yum!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

2 Good Friends come to visit!

I sure am lucky to have these 2 friends in my life! Jane I love ya, and appreciate you. Jane is such a good example for me and for all the women in the ward! We have more fun together, she is my friend and I also share her with all of the other women in the ward, cause she happens to be the RS president too!
Another great example! Anne, you are such a good woman! Kind, helpful, so sensitive to the spirit, I could go on and on!
I told my husband, that going to work at the institute feels like I am on a mission rather than going to work! .. it feels so heavenly! I love my job!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Happy Anniversary to LoraLeigh and Vinnie! (Click "Valentine" below for music for this post!)

They haven't changed much!!! I need more pictures of you and all of your family together! This is what I came up with... hard to mess up when your both so good looking! This upper picture was on their wedding announcement.. too cute!
They sure are a sweet couple together... after 14 years, there really hasn't been much change! Way to go.. guess all that "Mary Kay" has paid off, right LoraLeigh! These two play more ballgames then "Carter" has pills! That will keep them in shape!
This was before Carder was born...
Here is Carder, look at that face!!! What a special little family! We love you and wish you the happiest anniversary yet!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Time for us!

We visited of course over at LoraLeigh's and Vinnies... Kamrielle and her friend were playing dress-up.. I got a picture,,, soooo cute!
Here it is August and Summer will soon be over! We were in Show Low and surrounding areas this past weekend and had a relaxing time...
We stopped on the way home at Salt River Canyon. So often we drive right on by and miss all the beauty there.. You might say we "stopped and smelled the roses" today.
We drove to Vernon yesterday to see the new church building and to visit with Patsy. The sunflowers were beautiful!
Pretty huh???

Monday, August 11, 2008


This is one of my favorite pictures of Marcy and her boys! It says it all! They have alot of fun at their house... I am so proud of Marcy and her family!
Her High School grad picture... I think she's beautiful! ok, the crimped look was in then!
This is blurry,, but these kids sure were cute? Marcy and Todd with their cousins... The 3 little girls used to celebrate their birthdays together(as they were in the picture) they are all born quite close in Aug/Sept.. anyway, left to right: Vanessa, Marcy, Liza, Todd and Nathan!
Me and my little girl! She had just celebrated her 2nd birthday in this picture! In front of our new house Grandpa Ries built in Mesa. We were so excited to have Marcy! She was our first, I never knew what real happiness was til she was born and of course I became a mother!!!!! She was the "apple of our eye" She has been a wonderful daughter and big sister to the 6 more kids that followed!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Summer in the White Mountains!

We have really had a lot of good times this summer in the White Mountains! In May, our son's twin girls were born.. they are precious and we already adore them as well as all of the other grandkids! We hope they continue to progress as they have... we saw them again this last weekend and love our time with them.
This is where we hang our hat while we have been in the mountains... This is our 4th year spending most of the summertime here.
Me on the front step, where Pete had a small mishap this summer tripping and slipping down the steps, BOOM! It scared me! But only broke a rib.. I shouldn't say only...he was in some real pain! He's on the mend now.
This was Father's day in June with Vinnie and Pete and a few future fathers! and a couple of cute girls!
We were privileged to attend Miss Kamreille's dance recital also this summer. I must say it was the cutest thing I've seen in a long time... She loves her Grandpa! All in all it has been a going time! I love to go! I love to come home.... but what fun we have had with family, friends.