Saturday, January 30, 2010

NOT so bad turning 60!

This story of the butterfly cake goes way back (40 years ago!) My first celebration of my birthday with Pete, he surprised me with a beautiful cake he made! Remember he was young and wasn't sure about baking, he baked it in one of our "jello molds", didn't realize the cake would rise as it baked so he filled to the brim! Needless to say, when I got home it was lovely and very much appreciated! So guess what? I received another one yesterday and was another nice surprise! Ironic that the "butterfly" has become so important in the last 14 years!
Here are a few reasons, it wasn't so bad hitting the big "60"! Sure didn't realize after Todd was born, it would be another 10 years before another son was born to us! And 2 leftys!

Luke and Paige made us these darling gifts this past Christmas...just a few joys of this past year with my sweet, dear family...

Another highlight was driving to Show Low and visiting this precious daughter and family!

The caboose...

Those near and dear to me know the significance of this picture.

I have wonderful parents who make a big difference in my life, who taught me right from wrong. I received knowledge of who I am and where I'm going..the importance of this life and the life to come...

In humility, I received this gift from Marcy! A picture of us with our grandkids and thoughts on why I am loved! THANK YOU, THANK YOU TO EVERYONE!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Laura has a birthday!

I know she told me she doesn't have birthdays anymore, but I I guess we all will "grin and bear it" I love this daughter in law and love how she mother's my grandchildren, takes good care of my son, cooks, keeps up with the house, finds time to be a chiropractor, runs marathons....the list goes on! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my multi talented Laura!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Friends and Family come for a visit...

The holidays are over, but it doesn't feel as though they are! We have had some dear friends and family visiting lately. My brother Kenny and his wife Judy pictured above and below, with my parents too. We all had Sunday dinner together yesterday.. I think it was the longest time with my brother in years! It was a wonderful day!

These friends go so way back.... Corky and Eileen, we had a little home years ago when we were first married that had an apt attached which we rented out.. Corky and Eileen rented from us. They moved back to Wisconsin in 1971, we have not seen since, but have always stayed in touch at Christmas. They have retired and have come to the valley of the sun for a month's visit, staying out east of town. We have so enjoyed renewing our friendship with these wonderful friends. They are the kind of friends you just pick up from where we left 37 1/2 years ago!

They loved our Marcy and could not wait to see her! Of course she has no memory of them, but oh how they loved her! MMMMMMMmm is that our grandson Trevon in the background?? (Marcy's son.)