Wednesday, October 29, 2008

HAPPY FALL YA'LL! (Have a safe Halloween too)

This takes me back to the Halloweens at our house! Marcy, Todd and LoraLeigh! We grew the jack-o- lanterns that year, they grew so big and pretty! Our 3 little "pumpkins" were growing too!
Caden sure was a cute pirate that year!

I am sure Kamrielle is wearing her Halloween sweatshirt this week to pre-school!

Friday, October 17, 2008

My Silly Girls

Sorry, couldnt get this one turned the right way.

A Few More...

The main reason for this post was because I was posting Marcy and the boys picture from Mexico... Jaron was ready to get out of his button up shirt when we said we were taking pictures (this is the reason for his Enrigue Iglesias look).
Here is a cute one of Savannah...
This was so precious of Carder, had to post!
One night on our trip, the kids wanted to paint mustaches on so Aunt Marcy started doing one, then another... they had a ball! This is Savannah and Trevon. If you click on the Marcy and Richards blog you can see a hilarious video of them as " Mr and Mrs. Mustache!"

Camdon enjoying the heck out of that popcicle!
He sure enjoys the beach and really relaxes there...
All of us that went... but Vinnie the picture taker.
We look funny in our garb!
LoraLeigh the volleyball player...she couldn't resist inviting herself into a game of people playing. She enjoys volleyball when and wherever she can. I love this picture because Vinnie came out of our villa with the baby to watch and there he is in the rear of this picture watching his wife.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


It's all about the kids right??? These family reunions are to keep the cousins knowing one another! I think the 7 we took really got better acquainted and had "beachy time"!
I unfortunately caught that stinkin' mexico bug one can get while visiting... but better me than anyone else. Hope you all enjoy these pics that I posted, mom/grandma
Our cute Wyatt family already for church on Sunday.
The sun was going down and I mean the time I could grab the camera it was about gone! It was very cool to actually be able to see it... some of the prettiest sunsets I have ever seen.
Thinking about my wonderful family and the good times that are ahead for us all! Still lovin the beach and sun after all these years.
This is the front view of our "villa" with 2 pretty daughters and our grandson in front. It was so nice and very comfy for all 12 of us.
Enjoying a stroll on the beach..Trev, Marcy and Kamrielle.
More of the gang and our stroll..
Savannah loves to twirl on the beach...can't think of a more wonderful place to do her thing!
Oooo la la!! The cute lovebirds of our group! We have a wonderful son in law!

Already for the beach at least I was...the girls are waking up still.....
Oh yes, we had TV and Vinnie loved it! Cute Carder in the foreground.
It came up a bit windy from a hurricane in the south of us... but we still had fun, me and my girls.
Love you Jaron... I hardly got any pics of you, so glad we got this one!
I absolutely love this photo.... Caden and his baby brother.

Looks boring to me but they enjoy and that is all that matters..too bad no one got a picture of us and all our password games!
Me and my sweet grandson..Trevon.
Dad and his cute girls!
And yes, we found our good friends, Jim and Tamra there... We have had such wonderful memories with them thru the years... We are so glad they came too.
I totally love this picture of handsome Trevon.... He is a sweetie.
Here are the sleepy travelers the morning we left. Wake up Savannah!!!
Dad and Marcy in the sunset,,, they are sooooooooo pretty and go on and on thru the evening.
The beautiful ocean and boats we so enjoyed watching from our back door.
Dinner in town... (probably where I got my bug) who knows?

The famous "popsicles" Sometimes I think we go down there just to eat popsicles! Pete loves them. Vinnie and Camdon buying some.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

YouTube - Family Leader Network - Save the Family

I wanted to make a statement about families! I love my own and don't know what I would do without our family and the support and love that I receive from each and everyone of our own family! So I wanted to share this little song and pictures to help save families and give much thanks to God for this great gift he has instituted for us... the family....Let's do all we can to help this world by making our families strong! YouTube - Family Leader Network - Save the Family


I love to feel the sand in my toes! It's family reunion time! We decided this year we would go to the beach! Mexico is close and so we are off next week to our destination! Trying something new and different as we are going to stay in a "villa", which is a house to ourselves! I am sure we will all have a great time! Here we are in a few beach pictures we have taken in the past...This is us at the Florida beaches (which are in my opinion, the prettiest!) Such a fun time we had on this trip!
Florida beaches with Vinnie being our victim, LoraLeigh, Kiff and Dad doing the honors!
This picture was actually taken in Mexico, where we are going this time.. at Playa Bonita! Melissa in the foreground, Pete, Kiff and Tim behind.. our camp trailer in the background! Can't wait til next week! Yipeeeeeeeeeeee!