Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Daughter's Birthday...

The 29th of this month we celebrate the birth of our darling Melissa. I have so many precious memories of our sweet girl...where do I begin? She was such a joy. Since we had gone through the death of our daughter Courtney 15 months prior to Melissa's birth! Oh, how excited I was to have another baby girl and 9lb 5oz! Whew! She was so cute and chubby when she was born. Of all my kids, she was so attached to me. She had to sleep with us...cried when I left her for a minute... I had to sneak out of the house when going out for a bit... she wouldn't cry as much. She was attached to me at the hip,,every mother needs that kind of baby, as it is pure joy to be loved as much as that! Now as I look back, these are the sweetest of memories for me...even when she would sneak in about 3 years of age in a really dark house, make a little bed on the floor on my side... well I could go on. The above picture shows her love for make-up, fingernail polish, manicures etc Here she climbed up on the bathroom counter and smeared my cleansing cream, and has my favorite tube of lipstick, so glad I snapped this picture!............ she was a girl and loved to primp!~ Loved to dress cowgirl too...what a doll!
She was Teri and Paul's favorite babysitter...she loved Sarah, Eddie and Dylan. I love this picture as it shows how happy it made her to be with them!
This is one of my very favorite photos I took of Melissa...Melissa lost her life to leukemia in 1996..but as this reflection reveals her life will go on, her love of children will continue as I know she loves babies as the picture of Christ reveals in this photo as well...We miss her terribly, sometimes it's unbearable, but I know she is at peace until we see her again.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Anniversary Get away...

But not's our daughter's and we got to take care of our grandkids! We really enjoyed our time, they were so fun and especially good! I know their parents were worried about them and if Carder would cry...sorry... he didn't, he looked at your picture quite often and we wondered what he was thinking...but I think it's good all around for everyone to get away once in while,,,good for parents and good for the kids! Of course we had all the props to keep happy little grandkids entertained! (sweets) as seen above, toys, movies and reading to them. We also enjoyed laughing and listening to them.. all their cute sayings, Carder's animal sounds he makes! Kamrielle's cute kindergarten ways, reciting the alphabet to us etc... We loved it!
Oh and Happy Anniversary to our darling LoraLeigh and Vinnie! We hope you had a fabulous get a way!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Beautiful at every age!!!

Today is my beautiful daughter Marcy's birthday! I adore all my children but you sure remember the birth of your first it seems! So, as I reminsce on my first born, pardon me? She is a wonderful daughter, mother, sister....I was the happiest girl on earth when she was's kind of wonderful that she enjoys babies... she was certainly the apple of everyone's eye in my family as she came first and all my brothers, and sister , grandma and grandpa doted on her!
As I said cute at every age...I see a little Camdon here...
I think she could have been in the movies! Her graduation picture.
Did you wear that dress to your 8th grade grad. just cause your mom made it? I see a little Trevon here.. Isn't she darling?
Well I look happy here! Everyday I awoke to this precious little girl that was my dream come true! Thanks for making me a mom for the first time!!!

Your blessing day at Grandmas...Happy Birthday! Love you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sunrise in the White Mountains!

I know sometimes I post pictures that may not mean anything to anyone (but me) But feeling somewhat down about my recovery from knee surgery I needed to post this beautiful picture I captured this morning . This is the view from our travel trailer we have parked at our daughter's home near Show Low. I woke early as I do most mornings and this is what I saw the first thing out our window at the head of our bed. I arose and dressed went outside for a better view... well it was spectacular! As you can see... but not only did it excite me that it was a new day...but that I could with patience learn and take the time to view what we have before us each and everyday! The afflictions that come upon our bodies at times, the adversity that creeps in our lives... sometimes wanting to overtake us with grief and pain... WE realize it is only temporary and will not last... we have so much to look forward to.
I am a blessed woman with a family who loves me and friends who are always there for me.
For that I am thankful for as I was this morning with this beautiful sunrise to welcome me to a new day!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Family Reunion!

We had our family reunion yesterday which was my side of the family (Ries) A good time was had by those that came.... we missed those that couldn't come. Above is a picture the whole gang that was there! Kamrielle came a week early and stayed with Aunt Marcy and us... She got this funny folded up in half position while watching her tv shows...I thought it looked so funny!

We had our reunion at Val Vista lakes in pretty with an actual beach...sand and all!
I took this cute picture of a few of the men in my immediate "fam" a bunch of handsome guys!
So glad Tim came... I don't always get very many pics of Tim... he jumped in and played with his nephews.. love you Tim!
Marcy, Richard and few others sunning on the beach!

Trevon enjoying the day...

Tim with his nephews trying to get the upper hand... I think Jaron is about there!
The cute Wyatts' enjoying a very hot day... in the water where we all should have been!

Here are Great Grandma and Grandpa Ries with the grands and great grands who attended.
My sister and I... a little bedragled from the heat...but proud of who we are anyway! Reunions do that for you... make you realize the good memories from the past and a little more proud of our good name.
The beautiful granddaughters who were there, my girls are the first 2, then Alice's daughter, Kenny's daughter and Stan's 2 daughters.

I took this picture of Kenny's family cause I think it's the first of all of theirs together in along least reunion time. I thought that was so great that everyone of them were there!

My brothers, sister, mom, dad and I...of just the four of us that came... check out the large picture at the very top of this post!!!! Hard to believe how much our families have grown!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Wishing you a Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday to our daughter LoraLeigh today!! She is 35! Hard to imagine that our children get to that age?! But they do... LoraLeigh is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the out!
She was always a joy when she was this age... actually any age! She was excited to receive anything as it shows this particular Christmas!

The kids love to have sleep overs on our she is with sister Melissa and friend Terry from Taylor.

She and Vinnie have been together so seems.. they will be celebrating their "15th" this month! "They are a darling couple!

She adores her she is showing Grandpa Great.. Carder.
She should be very proud of her family...she works very hard as a wife and mother! I am very proud of her.. we love you honey! Happy Birthday!