Friday, February 11, 2011

LL's VISIT and HELLO DOLLY starring Trevon!!!

WE sure have lots of fun with our family, last weekend was one of those times. Our daughter was in town (SL) so up we went to the "mountain"! We had a chance to see our daughter and our little grandchildren. Caden and Vinnie were on a coyote hunt so we didn't get to see them. CR is 1 now and trying to stand alone and soon will be walking. This last year has flown by, we are so glad our little miracle baby is doing so well. We feel very blessed.
Seemed only yesterday this daughter was a little girl like her little with babies of her own...She does have her hands full! We love to help out when we can or when she is nearby. Thanks to Jim and Tamra for lending their home to us for picture taking..and being together in SL.

WE also stopped by LoraLeigh's mother in laws for time together. Our Marcy and 2 of our other grandsons also came up to spend time with family...
We sure look happy! Cause we are finding so much joy in our loved ones.
I love seeing my girls and their kids and spending time even in the cold! It's worth it.
I think we have a future Beethoven! He just loved this piano, he came alive..hope he takes lessons one day...hint hint!
With a few of our grandsons.

It was off to a night of musical theatre last night with our grandson, Trevon!

He was so fantastic in the show. He was our favorite one to watch in the whole show.
He made such a nice waiter and dancer...Loved it Trevon!
The costumes Dolly wore were very colorful and pretty. She was a very talented young lady!
Trevon and Stacie were a hit in dancing in this scene. (She is our Bishop's daughter)

Looks like they are sure having a good time!

The finale!