Monday, March 23, 2009

Busy, Fun-Filled Family Past Times...

Oh my goodness! March is filled with many birthdays around our house... This past weekend we celebrated Carder's 1st birthday. Some of the next few pictures jump around a bit.. but you get the picture...
I remember going to my Grandmother's home in Calif. when I was a kid...what fun! Her home was sooooo small, but we never realized til we were grown.. we just had so much fun there..who cared if it was small. We had 10 people staying with us this past weekend and beds everywhere...but I loved it! (hope they did) So glad they come...
Jaron borrowed Grandpa's mountain man regalia.. a funny moment in time.

Grandpa enjoying every minute of this...
We also were privileged to attend our grandson Caden's celebration. He was chosen for all-state band! He plays the trumpet and spent the whole day preparing at a school here in the valley. We all attended his concert that evening. Such a wonderful time. I shed a tear or two...watching this young man enjoy and excell! Uncle Tim with the kids who came.
The proud Mama and Dad...
Very pleased grandparents
Then we also celebrated Tim and Trevon's birthdays! Love those tall candels.. cool eh?
My daughter and I celebrating her new changes... Marcy, you remind me of Carol Lewis here...
And back to Caden's performance! He is in the center back...very focased. Below, already to go early that morning
One of the sweet moments a grandma loves to just savor and take in the moment. Is that so cute?

Another precious joy in our lives... Savannah's visits.
I Love Sunday dinners with kids at homeTraditions that keep going on in our family... 1st birthday..they get to just get down and dirty with their cake!
We all pass Carder around and love him so much...Can't believe he's one! Thanks Vinnie , LoraLeigh and all the other kids for birthdays, celebrations and for all the wonderful times we've had this month!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Carder's 1st Birthday is Sunday!

Carder Pete Wyatt will turn the ripe old age of "1" this Sunday! He is a delight to all of us and especially to his immediate family. He is such a smiley, good baby.
A joy to his mom...
Another hunting buddy for his dad!...
He loved playing with my measuring spoons out of the kitchen... you can buy em' all sorts of toys but they most likely enjoy the pots, pans and spoons!
Uncle Kiff spending time with his newest nephew! Cute, happy baby Carder we love you!!!


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Tim!

This is his high school picture but he hasn't changed all that much! I was about to think I would never have another son...10 years later (after Todd) Timothy Pete was born! We were sure happy about that little baby boy! Tim has grown into such a nice young man. He has such a happy personality most of the time, I love to watch him laugh at something on TV, when he laughs, it's contagious. I love you son and want to wish you "Happy 28th"!!!!
He loves his guitar..this was the first one he received. He now has a better acoustic, we enjoy having him play it.

Tim as a little guy. He always has loved to play games..not so much anymore. I am so not into them, I don't even know what to call them..the ones with joy sticks etc...
Here is my little Tim, so cute with his curls ... I always described his eyes as "marble eyes" as he has such big, round blue eyes! Hope your day is great!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

2 Grandsons Share March 9th Birthday!!!

Luke Edson Whipple is having his 7th birthday! We miss him and hope he is having so much fun on his special day. He has the sweetest smile and such a distinctive voice. I remember his father having that sweet raspy voice when he was little. Oh by the way this is Todd and Laura's son. Whenever we talk to Luke on the phone, he is so pleasant and polite! We love you Luke!
I hope Luke loves sports as much as his Daddy wants him too!!! I am sure they will try them all and hopefully Luke will find his own nitch or so to speak his own talent.

This is Luke as a baby cute.
This is his Daddy holding him on his blessing day. Look at that sweet smile again!
This is Trevon Oliver Turley and he is turning 13! Marcy and Richard are his parents. Trevon is one of the nicest young man you will ever have the privilege of knowing. He is gifted in many ways. He loves to read, I mean really read! His books are thicker than I have ever read! He has a huge vocabulary. Grandpa and I are very pleased with this young man and hope for many more joyous occasions with Trevon.
Trevon as a baby boy...he is a beautiful handsome boy!
Trevon and me at a school band concert.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Another Beautiful Sunset, Kamrielle Visits:

I feel so blessed to be on this earth and see the things I've seen and eyes to see with! I love my Father in Heaven and someday if I am privileged to stand in His presence, besides thanking Him for having a family and watching them grow..., I will thank Him for the beauty of the earth and tell Him of the beautiful sunsets I was allowed to view while I was on my journey here.
I will thank him for darling grandchildren who bless my life and give me the greatest joy unspeakable!...
For the simple things of watching them play in my yard...
Eating chocolate pudding and getting it all over their cute little faces... love their energy...
See what I mean? I love this one of the chocolate mustache.
I had the privilege of attending Trevon's ( he is 12) choir concert this evening and of course another joy. Thanks Trevon for sharing your talent with your Grandma tonight.. I loved every minute of being with you and watching you develop into a great young man. Oh by the way, they sang one of my favorite songs tonight: You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban- You can click on the music on my blog and find that very one.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Another Picture of our New Painted House!

Pete thought this might be a better view... so here's another one! Change is fun!

Say Goodbye to Black and White...

Well we did it! We finally had our home painted. We have been looking for some time now and finally chose the painter and the paint! Here you see our old color, the fence was a 2 tone black and white.
The old...
And the new!
Our back porch in the old black and white.
We wanted a sand or light beige color for the main part of our home, so after looking over lots and lots of beige color charts, we finally found one we loved.

The choice of the trim was more difficult. We felt another complimenting brown would have been we chose this crimson color. In reality it looks brownish red, just what we were looking for, we're both very pleased with the outcome.