Thursday, July 31, 2008


These are the Wyatt kids, we sure love em' Each is individual in personality, LoraLeigh and Vinnie have been truly blessed by these children! I know they love their mommie and will make her birthday really special this year.
This is my little girl, LoraLeigh... She didn't like her picture taken when she was small, she never trusted the photographer... We sometimes have had a time with her name-LoraLeigh-One word, two capital "L"s. I think most know that by now!
She sure grew up pretty! This is her senior picture, as in H.S. senior! not "old"senior...just kiddin!
I know she loves being a wife and mother, for that we her parents.. are grateful for a wonderful, thoughtful daughter full of love and joy!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

We loved Utah!

We spent some time at the "This is the Place" monument and village, where we explained to Jaron that his great(about 4 or 5 times great) grandfather Edson Whipple came across the plains first with Brigham Young, and here is where his name is engraved as well as those others that came first!
We toured the Lion House where we had the sweetest sister missionaries be our guides, they even sang to us!
We had the most wonderful reunion with Beth and Leo Gardner at Hurricane, Ut. on our way home. Beth is Pete's first cousin on his mother's side but they are also our dear friends! We got to be better acquainted as we all lived in Pinedale a few years ago. We were most comfortable in their home with delicious home cooked food and a great bed! Thanks, Beth and Leo!
I was especially excited to get in a visit with our niece, Vanessa. She and her 3 kids were at home, Denver was at work. What a treat it was to have her attend the Pioneer concert with us!
Vanessa, Pete, Jaron, Ian, Evan, and Addison!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fun in Utah!

Grandpa and Jaron waiting for the trax to come and pick us up taking us to downtown SLC!
This is kinda blurry but we went on various tours...this is the Assembly Hall, very historic and beautiful!
This is at the top of the Church office building, sun bothering your eyes, huh Jaron?
Jaron loves President Gordon B. Hinckley... he recently passed, we found his grave and headstone that had just been set into place.
This is our gang after the Osmond/Tabernacle choir concert... We were thrilled Vanessa (my niece) got to come with us! Afterall, her Aunt and Uncle are in the Choir, which was an added treat for her I'm sure!

One Bad Apple!!!!

We had the most wonderful trip with Jaron this past Pioneer day weekend! We were lucky to get tickets to the Tabernacle choir featuring the Osmond family celebrating their 50 years in show business! Jaron asked on the way if I thought the Osmonds would sing their hit "One Bad Apple", I said "honey, I don't think so thinking Tab. choir, no.... well, I was wrong! Boy did they rock the house!!! It was fabulous concert including "One Bad Apple!"
Jaron and me with the majestic Salt Lake temple as our background.
Happy 14th birthday, Jaron! We sure do love and appreciate you even more than we could have ever thought possible!
You know, I think you just about measure up!!! At least we think so..
We drove and found the small park honoring the "First Encampment" A party of men came down to the Salt Lake Valley trekking the way for the Pioneers. These men actually came before Brigham Young to scout out the land and this is where they camped. Through-out the park are boulders with the men who came to this camp... we searched until we finally found Pete's Great, great grandfather Edson Whipple's name.. it was cool to experience that with Jaron.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


It's hard to believe we have been married for sooooo long!! I am lucky to have married the man I did! I love him more today than yesterday! (sounds like a song) I know... but true. Life is wonderful with a few bumps along the way... but we are here and proud that we have made it thus far! We are celebrating our 39th year. We feel truly blessed to have the family we have. We have 7 beautiful children and 11 perfect grandchildren ( at least we think so) I have always said I may not be rich , but my children are the "jewels in my crown" I feel richly blessed to have Pete as my companion and friend..Happy Anniversary dear!
I threw this older picture in as it was the last one taken before the first of our "little nest" flew away...
One of the happiest days of my life as we walked out of the Temple that be together forever! I know...we look soooooooo young! (and in love)

Sunday, July 13, 2008


We had so much fun the past couple of weeks in Show Low! We went to the parade and sat with LoraLeigh and Vinnie, Jim and Tamra, Potts family,, and Roxie Owens joined us! You know it is not the best of parades, but just the getting together is a blast! We had a BBQ at the Reidheads after... the fireworks that evening and more BBQ at our place with the same crowd! What fun!
Kamrielle celebrated her 4th birthday this past week,, is she not a doll?? (of course I am a prejudiced Grandma!)
My pretty daughters, Marcy and LoraLeigh and my granddaughter, Kamrielle at the mother/daughter activity at LoraLeigh's ward!

Monday, July 7, 2008


Our darling Kamrielle turns 4 on July 10th! She is Vinnie and LoraLeigh's daughter... this little girl is quite something! She seems beyond her years in many ways... She talks clearly (since she was very small) I call her the "informer" as she explains what is happening, what is going to happen etc....usually about her life or her families! She loves animals, she has a big chocolate lab and has helped in his training??? He is bigger than her and she adores him! She is taking dance and of course her picture was in a previous blog...She is going to pre-school in the fall and is very excited about that. She loves playing with a couple of her neighbor friends and also loves to play with Caden and his friends (even tho Caden is almost 12!) She has personality plus! HAPPY BIRTHDAY "Kam"!


This is our darling Paige! She is turning 8 years old! Paige is taking gymnastics and I believe she is at level 4? She loves it and is excelling nicely! She lives in Texas with her mom and Dad (Todd and Laura) Paige is very artistic... when she was little she played and designed beautiful play dough sculptures! Her mom would freeze them as they were so good! Paige is sweet and quiet but can be heard when needed! I remember one of her first phrases was: "don't mess with Texas" (a favorite highway sign about littering in Texas) I think that is a good motto for Miss Paige! We love you Paige and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Birthday to Jaron Turley and Grandma Ries July 1st!!!

Today our oldest grandson is 14! We are very proud of Jaron's accomplishments, he is currently serving as the Deacon's quorum president in his ward. Grandpa and I are taking Jaron on a trip to Salt lake in a few weeks to see the Tabernacle choir with the Osmond family celebrating Pioneer day. We are sure excited!!!
This is my beautiful mother! She is 81 today!! (hope you don't mind me telling Mom)I love my mom very much and look forward to spending time with both she and my dad..14 years ago our first grandson was born on her birthday!!! Have a great day you two!!!