Thursday, May 29, 2008

Carder Pete Wyatt 7wks

New addition to Vinnie and LoraLeigh March 22nd!

Grandkids minus Carder, Cameryn, Caitlyn

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Update on twins and us!

We are in Mesa now... we spend most of the week in Show Low. Pete is finally finished with his school year (driving bus for Mesa Schools) So he is free for a couple of months. With my job, we are coming down for 2 days then back up to the mountains! Makes life interesting and fun! I know gas is high! But we are not going on any big vacation this summer. So I guess that is my justification for the night!
We just returned from the hospital to view our sweet new granddaughters (twins) at St. Joseph's hospital in Phoenix, they are so tiny and petite and beautiful! They sleep alot, wake to eat, but don't stay awake long enough to please the nurses, so they have a feeding tube for the rest of their meal. They are progressing nicely they tell us. I promise to have pictures soon!
Trevon Turley (Marcy's middle son) is a published author! He wrote some poetry this past Spring and his teacher entered them in a contest and he won! I will be posting one of them soon! WAY TO GO TREVON!!! Jaron Turley taught his deacon's quorum on Mother's day Sunday! I heard he is quite a good teacher! His advisor was amazed at his ability and preparation... I knew you could do it Jaron! You have been preparing all of your almost 14 years! Camdon I heard you made a lot of new friends at the primary activity today! You are a special friend to so many!
I got to witness Kamrielle Wyatt in action at dance class this past week! What a little entertainer! Those of you that can go to her recital June are in for a treat!
I spent alot of my vacation in Show Low holding little Carder Pete Wyatt... what therapy for this Grandma! I love holding and smelling... and all that goes with a precious newborn. Caden Wyatt is playing ball and thru all that glorious wind in Show Low! Hang in there Caden, better weather coming!

Friday, May 23, 2008

2 new grandchildren!

Hi everyone! I just wanted you to know that the twins: Kaitlyn and Kamryn were born today! Our son Christopher is the new daddy! Kaitlyn is 4lbs 3oz and Kamryn is 4lbs 2oz! They are precious and doing well so far! Christopher and I drove down to be here with Jenna and the twins birthday today..The new Mom is doing well also of which we all feel grateful. I have been vacationing in the white mtns for 2 weeks, Pete came up last night and darn.. I left with Christopher today to help where needed with the birth of our newest grandchildren which is now up to 11 of the sweet little darlings! Now I have not said anything about Carder Pete Wyatt... he arrived about 7 weeks ago and is the newest addition to our daughter LoraLeigh and her husband Vinnie Wyatt! This addition makes their count up to 3 children now! We are very proud of all of our beautiful grandchildren!! Love you...Jaron, Trevon, Camdon, Savannah, Paige, Luke, Caden, Kamrielle, Carder, and now Kaitlyn and Kamryn!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

brand spankin new post!

Welcome to our new blog! I have been wanting to do this forever and now have a good friend (Tamra) helping me get started! Yea! Family send me pictures to add to our family blog and we will have a good time with this!

With Todd and Laura living in Texas, we will now have a chance to stay close with pictures and dialog...right?

I am in Show Low at the present time and will begin with this little diddy... and will become more familiar with it all as I add new additions to our family blog!

I love you all and hope you will enjoy this as much as I am!

Love, Chris/Mom