Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Week in the Mountains...

June sure has been a busy one so far! We returned from our little vacation to Co. and Ut... came home for 2 days then off to the mountains for a week camping.
This actually was taken today on our way back to Mesa. We stopped off to pick up Caden to spend a week in Mesa. Kamrielle was just dying to take a picture and she actually did ok. She was trying to get her little brother to cooperate...this is the best he would do....I think she did pretty good!
LoraLeigh and Vinnie's family minus she was at a meeting.
We came in to pick up Kamrielle as she was going camping with us the last few days... she had her last swim lesson so we came into watch her swim! Here is Grandpa with Carder at the pool, I thought he was so cute as he is now walking!
Carder loved trying on my sunglasses!

At the Dairy Queen after the swim lesson...

Kamrielle was smiling I think the whole time she was in the pool! She sure enjoys the water!
Our sweet daughter with Carder at the pool.This is a funny story! I had mentioned to Pete that there was "no water" coming out of the faucet in the trailer...Jim and Pete proceeded to get under our bed and take the thing apart... finally after around 1/2 hour... Pete said! We are out of water!!!!! I think next time it might be the first thing they check out....oh well..
LoraLeigh, Vinnie and family came up our last afternoon and evening to spend some time with us at our camp...Carder so enjoyed the great out of doors! He toddled around discovering all kinds of things in Nature...

I knew they would enjoy this game! It was so fun... Lasso golf... We all enjoyed playing this game.
OUR CAMP! Pete, Chris, Jim, Tamra, Zee and Donna...
Just a pretty picture on our walk down an old country road at camp.

We played alot of games.. Donna loves cards... they even got me to play and I quite enjoyed it!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

I Think I Can..I Think I Can...!

We are officially back from our vacation this Summer! You all know the story of the little engine that could? Our engine in Durango Co. reminded me alot of that story as he pulled our train over hill and dale...literally! We went everywhere in 3 1/2 hours! Up hills by rivers, in the woods in steep canyons... I was pretty proud of how this shot turned out! You had to snap fast as we were back in one of the cars, but it made this turn and "snap", I got it! We highly recommend this trip!

Now back to the beginning of our vacation...we began in the White mtns at our daughter's house. Here is Grandpa with the kids feeding the horse carrots.. Carder and Kamrielle loved this. Carder makes the sound of a horse whinnying, it truly sounds like a horse! ...when he sees one out the window,,, he will make the sounds, it's darling!

We made a trip up to Big Lake to check out the beautiful up there... here is LoraLeigh and her small babes.

Grandma and the cutest 4 year old ever!

We got this shot cause Carder was on my lap while riding on the dirt roads... he hung over and out the window til he fell cute.

We even got to take in one of Caden's ball games...the last one.. here is our 3rd basemen in action!

After the game... loved being with you at your game Caden.

Then off we went to Durango... here we are in front of the train depot with a few cute horse colts.

What a handsome man! Pete visiting with the other passengers from Iowa.
One of the pretty scenes along our ride.

Me in my relaxing mode... loved that part of a vacation.

You can't believe where this train went!!! By the river, thru steep canyons, up mountains...

by kids riding zip lines!
by beautiful.
Then we arrived in Silverton, that looked like something out of the Swiss Alps! It was so pretty, took you back in time..when life was a bit simpler. We looked around in the shops, ate lunch at a place called the "Bent Elbow" was really good!.. Sat on park benches and took in the views that were incredible of huge mountains all around still snow covered.
See what I mean?

On our way to Utah for our next venture... Look at the "view" behind us!

We were able to attend the temple in Manti before the pageant that evening.

We arrived at the gate when it opened at 6pm.....but get ready for this ...the pageant didn't start until 9:30pm!!! Due to daylight savings in gets dark then. But we had a great time visiting with other pageant goers... we got to know the nicest young man who was covering the pageant events for the Church news... he was so kind and we enjoyed him taking the time to tell us great experiences he has had photographing the Prophet and other church events. Very interesting.. he even taught me a few pointers on my camera...need lots of help!

The cast went around visiting with all of us before the pageant began. What a bunch of great kids!

Starting to get cold... but was bearable..we had great seats for viewing the pageant.

Just before the pageant began...Was a wonderful evening.
Our quaint little motel... very small town, but comfortable.

On our way home we saw a balloon festival.. they were so pretty and up early like us!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Little R&R!

Me and my hubby are heading out tomorrow for a little needed vacation.. we are off to the White Mtns first then off to Colorado for a train to So. Utah for a pageant! We are excited for the rest and relaxation!

We most likely will come by this on our way home... we love Jacob's lake, just to look around at all the curio creations in their store! Not to mention their fabulous cookies! Yum, they make the best lemon zucchini cookies... Have to wait til the end of the trip, something to look forward to! Will post trip pictures later (after we return) Bye!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Stan and Kitty visit...

It was so nice to have a visit from Stan and Kitty this past weekend! Stan is my step couldn't ask for better! He is one of my favorite older brothers! I don't think he knew when he came to visit mom and dad, he would be put to work! THANKS Stan for all you did yesterday to help out! You are a perfect brother in my sight. Kitty is a fabulous sister in law... her soft quiet way is endearing and sweet.

We had so much fun as kids! The cabin at Strawberry was a blast when the kids from California would come and stay!
Of course we had to head out to Texas Roadhouse for our meal out! It was delicious as always!
A little wait time at the restaurant...Dad always so photogenic!
Pictures at mom and dad's...
and more...
Stan's other child! Isn't it beautiful! 39 chevy... He has a talent for building, painting everything about this car is Stan. They belong to a car club and travel together...what fun!