Sunday, November 29, 2009

NO Turkey this weekend...

Even though it was Thanksgiving weekend! We had celebrated with turkey and the trimmings 2 weeks ago when Todd was visiting. LoraLeigh and her 2 small ones came to visit as Vinnie and Caden were hunting.. We were thrilled to have them. We found not too many restaurants open on Thanksgiving which surprised me..but found a delicious meal at Mimi's cafe..yum! I love this cute picture of Carder!
LoraLeigh and I took them to the park that afternoon... here they are and as they could see the park in their sight..they began running and still holding hands..cute. I had fun fixing Kam's hair like I used to do her mother's hair... she called it "princess hair".

Carder loved this horse and always went back to it..He found the slide at the end and I counted, he went 13 times in a row going down the slide!

Kamrielle wanted me to take a picture of her buried feet!

Together they came down! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Our pretty little Kamrielle...

Tis the reason for the we went to see the lights at the temple.

Not a great picture of the kids..but such pretty lights!

Kam in front of the camels...

I know it's supposed to be Winter..but it doesn't feel as though it and all???! Cute small Carder.

So glad our daughter and her kids came... it made a wonderful 2nd Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 23, 2009


LOTS OF REASONS TO BE THANKFUL THIS WEEK AND ALWAYS! Most of my blessings are seen in the family picture above! Love to all my sweet family immediate and extended!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Todd and Luke come for a visit!

Its been along time since we have had Todd in town for his birthday! So I decided to have a surprise for him when he arrived! I think he was pleasantly surprised! Too many candles to put on so I put 3 for his 3 kids! WE were so thrilled he and Luke could come... Paige and Laura were missed.
Todd is one of kind ...he has such a great, loving, giving personality! I love his smile!
This was the thrill of my life to give him back his star wars sheet I had saved all these years! I made it into a quilt for him! He seemed thrilled to get it! He still loves star wars and even named his son "Luke"!
Where did the years go? Seemed the other day you were 8 and making your bed with those sheets.
Very proud parents of our grown son.
I told a few about the evening and look who stopped by? Todd's very favorite cousin, Reed. These two have a few stories together!!!!

Todd with Reed, Jen, Aunt Irva and Uncle Fred....

The next day we all went to the park to let the kids play. We sure had a nice time...Todd with his kids, Savannah and Luke, oh and his favorite mom.

Of course we were lucky to get adjustments from our favorite chiropractor!
While he was here in November, we decided to have our families Thanksgiving together! Here are some of the kids at their table...

and some of the adults...we had Grandma and Grandpa Ries as well!

Four of our beautiful children! ok, "handsome" guys!

Show Low is in the play-offs, so off to Gilbert we went to see them WIN their game! Todd with one of his best buddies, Will.
I was trying to get my grandchildren in the foreground..not too clear. But the gold and green is pretty clear!

A little tired from a very busy time, but excited to be with our kids and grandkids!

Silly grandkids!
Our last evening together before Todd went home...good times and wonderful memories to hang onto.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Todd!

I know,,,, time to bring out the old pics! That's me.. even tho they are old and sometimes even was the only one I could find of my newborn son. How happy we were to get this son after our first child was a girl! We didn't find out in those days... it was a pleasant surprise! Todd was the only one to come "near" the due date, and he was the smallest of my seven! 8lb.1oz.
This one of Todd shows, how he loved food! (and still does) He always savors, relishes, and enjoys eating! He had a quarter of a watermelon he had taken off the table and thought no one was looking! I tell ya he was a hungry boy! I always loved this picture of my little chunky guy!
It was 10 years later that we finally had some brothers for Todd... He was a good example to those 2 little guys...Here at Todd's eagle court of honor with Tim and Kiff.
The love of his life... Laura
Here with his family. We love and appreciate this good son, his wife and of course... our darling grandchildren!!! Can't wait to see you all very soon!

Sunday, November 8, 2009


We had a good time this past Saturday, meeting up with cousins! We met up at a park in Chandler with about 60 or more in attendance, which was pretty good for the most part, we all live in the valley area. Even tho most of this family began in Show Low. Trevon was the only one that could go with us, he learned alot about family reunions..(most people he didn't know) But he was a good sport and came with Grandma and Grandpa anyway! I told him that the one thing he will like is that they have the best food ever at these reunions! And I don't think he was disappointed in that area at all!
Grandpa gave a little talk on William T. Oliver. He did such a good thing I think he said which is important to remember is: "It's important to know who you came from as you learn about who you are."

Cyndi and "little miracle" Lucy, she only weighed a lb. or 2 when she was born...
Thanks Trevon for making our day fulfilled and spending time getting to know your cousins and ancestors!