Monday, September 28, 2009

Birthday and Going home....

Do you ever feel as though you have 2 homes? Yes, I went "home" again this weekend for 2 reasons.. My son Christopher's 27th birthday! Happy day son, love you so much. He is a quiet man with a good heart. He does so much for me and for others and I appreciate that trait in him.
The other reason is shown above... LoraLeigh was in charge of a display about "heathy eating" at exceptionally well done presentation of her stake! She did a wondeful job on her display as you can see... I enjoyed my time with her on this great day! We enjoyed the broadcast together as well.

I was privileged to be with my sweet grandchildren too! I spent time outside watching, playing and laughing with them! This gave time for LoraLeigh to get what she needed get done for her display. It was an awesome weekend!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

A Wonderful Couple Celebrating 50 Years!

Hard to put in words the gratitude in my heart for these 2! They have been there thru thick and thin... When we were married, Pete's parents had already left this life...I actually never met them. Anyway we asked Fred and Irva to represent his parents..hard to believe they were only married 10 years when we were married! Seemed longer than that at the time. Also during the illnesses of our 2 daughters and what followed, they were there for us. I stayed in their home while those experiences happened. I can never re-pay my heartfelt thanks to you both for that special time in our lives. So this past weekend was spent paying tribute to this wonderful couple and 50 years together.
We just had our 40th wedding anniversary!
We all gathered at our home before and drove over to the anniversary for Fred and Irva together. I grabbed a few pics before: Aunt Marva above
Pete's sister, Patsy, Sorry Patsy, I didn't have my glasses on to see your eyes were closed..oh well.

Babe, Belle, Sam and Patsy...

Sisters' in laws, not all but a few of us.

Two of Fred and Irva's kids, Cyndi and Julie in the middle and 2 of Julie's kids.
Julie's daughter wanted to get in the action of photography,, Here taking her mom's picture! Very cute Julie! Sorry I didn't get everyone's picture.. But I wanted to say that Fred and Irva have 5 great children who are married and have equally nice spouses, we love them all! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO THIS GREAT COUPLE!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Someone's Havin' a Birthday!

Dear little Carder Pete, you have big shoes to fill, named after your grandpa... I love this picture cause I know how much the kids and grandkids mean to Pete. Paying tribute to you is hard in a few pics...but I am trying! I love you, love our family that we have together and so happy that soon we will have 12 grandkids together! A'int life grand?!
Not getting older...just better!

Beside you I will be...
My hero, trying to get water for me in the camper(along with Jim)
Celebrating birthdays with a couple of grandkids who share the same month. What fun times we are having with all of them! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Every other year our family(Pete and Chris) go camping...we enjoy this time in the woods. Most often it rains! And the weather did not disappoint us this Labor day as well! WE had a relaxing time with most of our family (Todd's did not come and were greatly missed) We even added a few other families...Check out what pics I did take and was able to gather most families that were there...starting with ours on the top minus Kiff, he had gone home already.
The Turley fam...

The Wyatt clan...
Marcy's in laws... Ray and Jerry, they were wonderful to set up camp for us with a huge canopy for the facility etc...thanks so much for coming Ray and Jerry!
We were lucky enough to have great friends come too! They are always so much fun, cooked a fabulous breakfast and laughed at my silliness!
They really do love each other! I just happen to catch them playing around as we were packing to go home.It was pretty cold at times with the rain, the fire felt really good even tho it takes a few hair washings to get the smoke smell out!
I don't know why my camper was chose to be the kids' game playing area! But here I am with some cute grandkids!
Some of the guys in their most favorite place... the great outdoors!

Future great men!

Tim in front of a beautiful grove of Aspen.....

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Cadens' a Teenager!!!!!!!

On your special day, we want to share our love and thoughts of our unique grandson, Caden. He was born first in their family and was alone for awhile til his sister came along...what a grand big brother he is to his little siblings! I know his mom and dad feel blessed to have such a helper!
Caden was a chubby, good and loved baby! Here he is with his mom who took such good care of him.

Caden is full of talent! He plays the trumpet and is in many "excelling" classes at school. He will go far in life with his love for books, the arts, and his love for God and following the commandments...he takes his responsiblities very seriously. I know he wants to become an eagle scout.
Seemed the other day when you were this small! We sure feel blessed to have you in our family and want to wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Birthday To My Sweet Niece!!!!

I wanted to express my thoughts and love to my sweet niece Vanessa and wish her a very happy birthday! I love blogging and it has brought me closer to my niece who lives a distance away...but thru the computer we are able to be close! Here she is with her darling babes..she is a wonderful mother.

Here she is with my darling babe, Marcy and another cousin, Liza! These 3 did many things together as small children and have still maintained their good relationship through out the years! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU VANESSA!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pre-Labor Day Camp-out...

These pictures are a little backwards in sequence, but anyway we went camping this weekend with our good friends Jim and Tamra. Afterwards we stopped off at their house, they loaded us with fresh garden veggies from their beautiful garden! We have sure enjoyed our friendship with these 2 special people!
Farmer Jim with our prized box of veggies!
Jim and Pete picking in the garden.
Now back to the camp-out...Here they are actually cleaning up and getting ready for the trip home.
For those of you that know about the "butterfly" story in our's another!

We were sitting around enjoying the beautiful morning when what came to join us but this beautiful butterfly! She/He landed on the 4 of us! It kept coming back...and landed and just stayed awhile! How wonderous, enlightening, and plain ole' cheered me up! The miracle of the whole story is that it just happened to be Melissa's birthday...I can't deny our Savior's love and comfort He gives to us in days of sadness..............

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Happy Birthday CAMDON!!!!!!!!

Today our youngest of the Turley's is 10 years old! We are so proud of this young man and know he is gifted in many ways.(I the grandma am prejudiced) He called us this past Monday night and spent the night with us! We loved it and our special time with him as we do all of our grandchildren!
He loves people and they love him back! He and Luke (Todd'son) love to hang out together when Luke is in town.

He loves sports and soccor is a favorite! We love to go to his games.
Hope you have a fabulous 10th birthday Camdon! We sure do love you!!!