Saturday, February 20, 2010

CR comes home!

It was a happy day at our house yesterday! Little CR got to come home! It's with mixed emotions to send him on home, cause I loved having them here with us during the baby's stay in the hospital..but I was thrilled he was going home with his family and I know my daughter and son in law were so happy about this day!

This is my Dad with his little namesake! I can't think of a better man for this job. If little CR can live up to all my dad is, he'll be a wonderful man!
She's a natural at mothering...I am very proud of my daughter and the way she handled the past 3 weeks! This was happy ending to have them drive off with their littlest baby boy...

For posterity, this picture is a "gem"!

Great Grandma with her newest link to our family tree!

These parents look a little tired from all this activity they've gone through, but I have never seen them look happier!
Grandpa and I will miss these other 2 little ones we cared for while mommy and daddy were caring for little CR... we had a great day with them at the mall eating pizza and riding the 2 story carousel! Carder loves horses and had hard time deciding which 2 he would ride!

Kamrielle loves this thing! She rode 3 times..2 on the upper level and 1 down...We already miss you all!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

OUR Baby is Getting Stronger!

Everyday little C.R. is getting stronger! We sure do love him and have prayed for his continued good health. It has been 2 weeks, a little over since this whole episode began. Life is precious, of that we know for sure and have NEVER taken it for granted...but still the tests and trials come. This little guy has been passing all his tests that he needs to come home..he has a few more but it is rumored that the possiblility of coming home is very soon! His mom and dad are ecstatic!
We hold him, feed him and change diapers, only it has been at the hospital! There's nothing like a baby to bring you closer to God and know where all blessings come from.

It has also been said he is a "little Whipple" at least he takes after his mother's side of the family..I can see it in this picture especially in the mouth. His mother loves his cute dimple in his chin!
Mommy and Daddy taking good care of little Carl Ray...

His nurses have been caring so tenderly for him as well.

I love this full view of our newest edition to our family! So precious and tiny!

His very favorite his Mother's arms cuddled and getting ready for his trek home very soon.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Wyatt family update

It's with many tender feelings in my heart that I write this post. Our precious little Carl Ray Wyatt, (our littlest "Ray" of sunshine) was born to our daughter LoraLeigh last Sunday Jan. 31st in Show Low. He had some complications and was critical and so Phoenix Childrens was notified and they sent a lear jet to fly the baby and his daddy back to Phoenix. Alot of worry and concern I felt for this new mother giving birth by c-section and then having her baby have to leave without her... she did wonderful! After a couple of days of recuperation in the hospital, where her sister Marcy stayed day and night with her, she got to come home. I stayed in her home in Show Low and kept the home fires burning, LITERALLY! I tended Caden 13, (well he takes care of himself pretty much) Kamrielle 5 and Carder 1.5 years, and I must say it was the most fun for me! Like I said after a couple of days, LoraLeigh wanted to be with her baby, so we packed, and drove down to Mesa..she immediately had her dad (Pete) take her over to Phx to be with Vinnie and the baby.
This is our precious Carl Ray...he's been such a good patient..that word patient takes on new meaning for me... patient: understanding, waiting, love, healing, goodness, unspoken kindness, trials, the list goes on of what I feel regarding this situation.

Grandpa, found Kamrielle asleep like this and wanted me to take a picture of her in this sweet pose..........

I was playing outside this morning with Carder and caught a few pictures of him watching birds, airplanes and such.
We sure Love this special family and are praying for a speedy recovery of their darling new babe. But meanwhile we sure are enjoying having them home.