Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What makes me Smile.....

Lately when I'm driving down the road, I find myself smiling at different things I see or think about...such as someone walking a new little puppy... a mommy walking, holding her children's hands with her small kids to or from school or anywhere for that matter, when I see someone assisting an elderly person(usually a grown son or daughter)..makes me smile..and when I see a newborn baby, ALWAYS puts a smile on my face! So many other things...I love to see children at birthdays! Here below is Carder on his 2nd birthday...
Is this the cutest? Carder opening a gift, Kamrielle observing with their new puppy, cradling as if it's her baby! Precious.........

My daughter helping her nephew with his gifts, reading cards and sharing her love and her home with us all....

OH my! Big trucks to play with in the dirt. I know he's thinking "can't wait"!

Grandpa who cares so much for and about his kids and grandkids!

Love to watch the whole thing! The blowing out of candles, mommy preparing a cake so he can go thru this sweet, happy, smile provoking time! We all had our mouths blowing to help him do this for the first time...

A loving daughter with her children and her delicious cake she made...makes me smile..thru some happy tears...

I had to throw this one in!!! My mountain man husband preparing for his "arrow of light" ceremony he does for cub scouts... Makes me smile and very proud of him working so hard to make it all so nice for his cubs! Smiling is what makes us happy, I am so glad that I have so much more to smile about in this life than not! So I will keep on smiling...and finding more new things in life that will put a smile on my face and stop for a second and realize the joy!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

CARDER turned TWO!

This little grandson turned 2 this week! Happy Birthday to our darling Carder Pete! We have had the opportunity to take care of this little guy now and then in the last 2 years..I must say he is so much fun! He is a busy, cute, funny did I say busy? Oh yes, but we wouldn't have him any other way! He loves to watch airplanes and birds and he especially loves to shovel and play in the dirt.
This was last Summer at the pool, very cool Carder!

He had an owee on his finger this past year... He could crawl like nobodys business with that cast on! It was hilarious to watch, he would either clunk it along or slide it smooth and fast as he would glide across the floor!
He dearly loves it outdoors, I think he would spend his entire life out there if he could..comes by that naturally as his father spends alot of time out there as well..Looking forward to more fun times this coming Summer with this "angel" grandson! I know..they are all my little angels!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Little Rest and Relaxation...

Sometimes you need to get away and we did! We had a wonderful time at Roper Lake near Safford. Some of our friends from the ward came also. It was beautiful desert setting with the snow capped Graham mountains as a back drop! I never grew tired of looking at those mountains, they were so pretty. The weather was magnificent with visiting, good sleeping and all that goes with camping...except we had water and electricity...hey! that's my idea of good camping!
Hard to imagine we were in the desert with those beautiful mountains!

Such a pretty lake and to think these parks are closing due to finances! Oh so sad...what's happening with our government?

The wildlife around was so cool. We had quail, roadrunners and bunnies running around our campsites... and this wise old owl was in the top of a very tall Palm tree...I was excited to get this picture!

Across from our camp, someone had made this homemade birdfeeder...we watched all the pretty birds come in... this Cardinal came rarely..isn't he beautiful?

Monday, March 15, 2010


Oh what fun we've been having at our house! Presently we have Todd's kids staying with us while their parents are on a 10 year wedding anniversary trip... of course Savannah came to visit as well. These sisters have the best time with each other... I just got thru doing a vinegar rinse on their hair.. Makes it shiny and healthy! I used to do it on my girls hair, my mom on mine...and so it goes!
Very funny grandkids! They have had such a good time playing with cousins...I have had the best time watching.
I had to make a face at them to get a nice smile. It sure worked cause this is a keeper! Trevon is 14...what can I say?
Cuddle time!

Computer and u-tube time!

We celebrated 3 birthdays with a breakfast Sat morning, cinnamon rolls were on the menu.
Previously we went up to Show Low to check on LoraLeigh's new little guy...we took her 2 of her kids to the DQ.. here is Carder with his cone.
Kamrielle is 5 and losing teeth, they are so adorable with those smiles! I have had a great week with visits from most of my grandchildren whom I adore!!!