Monday, October 26, 2009

A Day with the our Grandkids...

We always enjoy our grandkids and Saturday was no exception! LoraLeigh and Vinnie were down trying to upsize their transportation for their growing family...we kept the 2 little ones! What fun we had!!! They started their day still in their jammies..playing with the dump truck and dirt....
They sure had fun and played so well together.. So glad Kamrielle has her little brother to play with!
Carder likes to climb...he would climb up and swing with Grandpa in our swing. Love the foot in the air!
All cleaned up and now ready for the day...Carder climbed right up on the couch with his cute.
We even made cupcakes then went to the park.
Of course Carder favorite was this horse....
Kamrielle excited me when I saw her up on top of this!!! She did just fine.

Swinging at the park.

At the end of our day with them...guess where they wanted to be? Yep, back out in the dirt shoveling. We had a wonderful day with them!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Fall (last campout 2009)...

I do love Fall! I love the color yellow, aspen leaves that have turned, the crisp mountain air! WE made the trek up to retrieve our camper in SL and then brought it to Canyon Pt on the mogollon rim...So relaxing and beautiful. We have traveled by that campground for many, many years, never thought to camp there.. It was so nice.
The top of the rim overlooking where we have driven all these years on our way to Show Low. It was a beautiful site!
We took the drive to Woods canyon. Here we are overlooking the vast country below!
Wood's canyon lake.
More pretty aspen...
We even took the drive to Show Low to see our sweet grandbabies...and our darling daughter! Kamrielle can't keep those eyes open for her picture! She tries so hard to!
Is that just so pretty?
The oaks were also very colorful. Our friends from the ward also camped with us...
Donna and me.
This is the view they had from their dining table.. I was so jealous! The Aspen surrounded all of us. Here are Pete and Z (is that a cool name or what) are ready for dinner!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Time with Savannah and "Time Out!"

We had a visit from Savannah while she was on her Fall break. These next 2 photos are "self portraits"! She loves to play with the camera! Don't be mad cause I put them on the blog, Savannah... I think they are cute. Savannah is 10 now and finds her own fun at Grandma and Grandpa's house... We shopped, went to the movies, Camdon went with us to the movies! Such fun I am having with these grandchildren.
I don't think there is any doubt whose daughter she is..she looks so much like her Dad, Todd! She has so many of his mannerisms as well. Hummmmmm, maybe she'll be a Dr. like him someday,,, she kinda has "the look" in these pictures.
She likes to wear my glasses sometimes and goof around in her pictures, here with Uncle Kiff.
Sometimes she just likes to snuggle...
Savannah went home Friday, then Saturday was a "time out for women" in Phx! Here are my good friends Jane and Jeanne... 2 years in a row we have gone together! We had a fabulous, uplifting day! So fun to see friends from Show Low there! There were 1,800 women present and I still ran into many I knew! It was a great day.