Thursday, July 16, 2009

40 Years...really??!!!

Yum! this frosting is good! It's really hard for me to believe that these 2 kids married 40years ago! But this Sunday we are definately celebrating 40years signed, sealed and still enjoying our married life together! When I walked out of the temple that day knowing I would be with Pete was bliss...thru the years, we have been thru alot... but we love each other and know that it is all worth the hard times as well as the good. He's my partner in life, and has helped me to build a good family with children and grandchildren whom we both love and adore!
Here are a few shots of us at some of our vacation spots...above is Ruidosa, New Mexico.

The beautiful Grand Canyon...
This was not a vacation spot... just liked the picture and reminds me that I can be thin again if I work at it!
One of our 40 Christmas' together!

My handsome groom (who by the way was very nervous that morning!) But we sure were in love and glad that July 19th, 1969 had arrived!

Friday, July 10, 2009

KAMRIELLE is 5 today!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kam! This little granddaughter is such a joy and so full of personality! Thanks Aunt Marcy for snapping this latest picture of our sweet girl!
She loves to play, imagine, write, swing, talk, and dream...wonder what she's thinking here?
I love her so much and enjoy having her with us, recently we took her camping with us and had the most wonderful time. She loves to ride her bike and we walked along side of her in the beauty of the mountains...happy times.

She loves her mommy (our daughter) and we do too!
Kamrielle loves for us to leave surprises under her pillow whenever we leave her home... she has figured out what she usually wants us to leave too! She is full of fun and surprises and we enjoy this little game with her.
She loves to draw and make pictures for everyone! This is one of her pretty creations!!! Thanks Kamrielle for your fun, energy and always loving Grandma and Grandpa! Hope you have a very special day!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


My darling Paige, how I miss you today!!! I hope all good things for you sweet granddaugher of mine... I don't like it that we live so far apart...but anyway I want you to enjoy your birthday knowing our thoughts are with you and that we pay tribute to you on your day with this little post...Paige is a gymnast and very good at that!

This is a photo taken I believe at S. Padre Island where they vacation the last couple of years.
She loved Carder and helped take such good care of him last Christmas!
More Christmas...

She and her sister Savannah are like 2 peas in a pod... they get along so very well... love to watch them play.

Darling Paige...

Three of my 5 granddaughters... HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAIGE! Grandpa and I love you so very much.

Celebrating a "Week" of the 4th of July!

This year was full of fun, family and friends! This is a picture of my table (my daughter and grandsons made the centerpiece) Isn't pretty?
I really like this picture of our special friends: Jim and Tamra! Their family joined us camping on the 4th!

Pete and Jim enjoying the great out of doors dutch oven cooking.. They both made the best desserts! One was a chocolate cherry marshmellow cake, the other a peach cobbler...we sure enjoyed eating both!!!

Celebrating Mom and Jaron's birthdays on the 1st of July...

Mom, her daughter and granddaughter...

Marcy and I preparing birthday goodies...Jaron loves cinnamon rolls and everyone loves fruit pizza!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Two Special People in Our Lives Celebrate Birthdays!!!

Happy Birthday to Mom and Jaron this day! My mom is 82 today Jaron is 15...WE SURE LOVE YOU!
Such a precious memory of last Summer... I absolutely loved our time in Utah!
I know Jaron doesn't enjoy taking pictures..but he sure is cute!

What a good brother he is to his two younger brothers! I love the way they are with each other... I laugh and enjoy watching their interaction... I especially enjoy watching them watch something funny whether it's a movie or TV... they crack me up!

He is so great with his cousins who adore and admire all he is and all he's becoming!!!
If it weren't for my daughter who gave birth to these fine young men, I wouldn't have all these great things to say about my grandchildren!!! I know I am blessed beyond measure has a Grandma...
Jaron, Thanks for all you are and the repect you give to me and Grandpa... You are such a great young man, we are pleased as can be and love you to pieces!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!