Thursday, February 26, 2009

Favorite "B's"

My daughter did this on her blog so now I'm tagged, and assigned letter 'b'! So here goes:
#1 Babies, no question I love babies, newborns come with the most wonderful aroma..mmm they smell good, I always say, "there's nothing like a baby in the house" can you tell I'm baby hungry? I'll never get over that I guess.
#2 Blessings, I have so many of these of which I am most thankful. A wonderful husband and children and grandchildren! I'm such a lucky girl!
3. Boys, So glad I have 3 of my own... 6 grandsons and of course my husband (who was once a boy)
4. Bake, I love to bake! I love having an oven and smelling good things coming from it. I love to bake good things to eat and share them with those I love.
5. Bread, It's the staff of life and I could not do without it! I do love bread, to bake it and eat in all of it's forms.
6. Birthdays, Oh, just the word and it instills happy thoughts! My own since I was a child and now my children and their children,, so many good memories.
7. BBQs, Another fun word! We have had so many good BBQ's I especially love the ones we have when we are camping, sitting around the fire afterwards and roasting marshmellows! Love it!
8. Betty, I love Betty. She is one of my dearest friends and could not do without her in my life.. she is kind, good and loyal to the end. Love you Betty!
9. Biographies, I do love to read life stories of people... I find them interesting and inspiring.
10. Beauty, I find beauty in a sunset, trees, mountains...well anything to do with nature. I love to primp, and put on make-up, all the beauty tricks I can use to get the desired affect and look beautiful, but mostly I look for the beauty inside out. For as I get older that is the most important!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Spring Has Sprung in February!

Sometimes it's hard to believe it's Winter living here in the Valley... after living so long in Show Low and never seeing much of anything green thru the Winters there! I so enjoy planting flowers and watching them grow and bloom. So as I was watering this morning, I thought I would take a picture! So to all my family and friends in the snow country...these are for you...Enjoy and don't forget to "Take time to smell the roses" (even if it is in a floral dept of the grocery store!)

I love this wintery phrase and can only use it maybe 6 weeks here.. and by afternoons it's not valid.
These seem to be doing quite nicely.

These have been actually growing 2 years and are finally blooming for the first time ever! Flower shops use them in bouquets..not sure what they are???

I love to sit in my swing and look at our grapefruit trees.. I used climb them in the orchards when I was a kid...good times!

They are loaded this year! Anyone out there in need of some grapefruit?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Fox in Our Backyard?!

They sure are a sly looking animal aren't they? I would have never imagined seeing something like this in the valley of the sun! Much less, in our backyard! We are keeping our little kitty cat, Sophie in the house.. she's a house cat anyway,, but sometimes we let her out in the backyard with us... I don't think so for a while!
You might not want to send your "gingerbread men" over in our neighborhood! These pictures might make you a little on the sqeemish side... But this is what Kiff and I saw today in our backyard!

Kiff had mentioned sitting in our Az. room to "look at the cat going across our back wall fence"!
As I looked he exclaimed, " My gosh, it's a fox!" Sure enough...

It came over from where we have our camp trailer area as shown, went across our back wall fence and laid in our neighbors yard behind us as shown above.. a little later Kiff went out and there were TWO!!!! Maybe we will have baby foxes this spring!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Aging at the Whipple home...Not so bad.

Having a birthday and celebrating with my kids, grandkids and friends was just the best this year! (I may say that every year) but so what! These pictures are with Marcy's family and then LoraLeighs'.
Here are Marcy and me ( a little blurry)

Oh my! My new red glasses from Marcy
The cards.. The kids always used to giggle when I would get emotional reading the cards.. I still do!

Here we are in Marcy's pretty new dining room.. and the most wonderful dinner! My favorite..Mexican food, YUM!

The Turley boys with the help of Uncle Kiff blowing the balloons.

Then we went up to Show Low with the LoraLeigh's family... she also made the best dinner.. another YUM!
I always have fun primping... I curled Kamrielle's hair on Sat night for Sunday... Oh boy did we have curls!

Kamrielle's in one of her get ups! The more she had on the better!!! It was so funny! Had to get a picture.

And here are the sweetest family I know in Show Low!

I even got a make over while there at the Wyatts' courtesy of my little Kamrielle! She loves the blue eyeshadow!! mmmm so relaxed.

Here I am with my sweet daughter, grandaughter, and grandson in her pretty home.