Saturday, April 16, 2011

Finally a post-Long Past Due!

Most recently, we purchased our little "mountain retreat" as my husband referred to it this morning! We are very excited and can't wait once the temps soar up into the 100's here in the valley, we are out of here and up to our "cabin" in the White mountains.
Only a woman would be excited to show this picture and of course, I love to wash and dry clothes...I have one built in in our cabin! Yay! Life is good!
A picture of one of the rooms before I get hold of it and decorate in our things. This was just a picture I shot when looking to buy.
A shot of the kitchen. The previous owner left EVERYTHING! The only thing we put on a list to bring up is "pepper"!
Of course Savannah made a visit to our home, one of the things we love most about being a grandparent are these special visits with her.
Lukie had his 9th birthday! Here he is with his sister Paige.
Carder had a birthday and turned 3! Lovingly with his sister Kamrielle.
Tim had a birthday too! He is 30 and on his way back up to California in a couple of weeks.
We made a visit to the cemetary on my Dad's birthday.
Trevon tried out and was chosen to be in the Mesa Jr high HONOR band! We were very pleased to attend his concert at the Mesa arts center. They were all fantastic!
Here he is playing his tuba. We loved seeing him excel and developing into such a nice young man.
A picture of him out front of the school when he was in "Hello Dolly this last Spring.
My dear friend, Betty from Missouri came for a visit. We have so many wonderful memories together. She was my "cross the street" neighbor in Show Low. I love her so much!