Monday, December 29, 2008


Richard & Marcy with their handsome boys!!! Marcy is our oldest..she is the best daughter in the whole world,(next to LL, C, and M) We appreciate and love that they are only 5 minutes away!
Here are the Wyatts' . They have the little ones in the family and of course they sure take darling pictures! Caden you are so handsome! Your little brother and sister seem to steal the show from us all!

Here are our "tall Texans" We sure enjoyed having them come and stay...sure was hard to see them drive away! They are all very photogenic and dear.

I love this of us with our grandchildren. I could sit with them all day long and into the next day...ahhh I feel the love!

Oh my how we have grown in size!!! We had such a great picture day! Cloudy but a bit sunny as you can see by our squinting.. but all in all I loved this day! In the car riding to our picture place.. I told the little ones if they smiled nicely and were good, I would give them a dollar! Boy I guess it worked cause they did a great job!!! (and all collected their well-deserved dollar!)

To think it started with us! I'm amazed how the years seem to fly by... I love my husband and family more than you all will ever know!

Saturday, December 27, 2008


Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year! Just like the song says! We sure had a great one and one not soon forgotten. Here is a picture with my brother Kenny visiting from Las Vegas, taken just yesterday has he came to visit our parents. We all gathered at our stake center for some good old fashioned visiting and playing some BB. ( at least some of the athletes in the family did) Kennyand his wife Judy brought our folks, he surprised me with this kiss on the cheek as we were posing for our picture and at the last second...well you can see what he did!
Here's the gang who came, our kids and grandkids, their cousins and their kids, what fun!

Here is Vinnie at play...
Tim at play...

LoraLeigh getting in on the fun, as she can't resist some athletic activity!

Here we are Christmas day enjoying our beautiful new calendar made by Marcy! We love looking over all the family pictures of the past year made into a wonderful calendar. THANKS MARCY!

Christmas Day Dinner with ham and all the trimmings at Marcy and Richards.. it was spectacular!

Savannah relaxing where she could without being bothered by anyone.. I thought this was so cute and shows one of her gifts...adaptability.

Great Grandma and Grandpa at the Christmas eve doins'

Our gifts to the grandaughters... aren't they just the beautiful babes?

Marcy and Richard at our house Christmas Eve, They just keep getting cuter! with Grandma great.

Here is Grandpa Great with his newest great grandson Carder, also Laura and LoraLeigh.

Camdon and Luke have good times together, ( Marcy and Todd's youngest boys.)

Paige and Savannah performing a skit for us!
Savannah and Trevon goofing off!

They all enjoyed climbing our back wall! Jaron, Paige and Savannah.

We sure don't get to have these 2 visit as often as we'd like... We are so thankful they arrived safely and love them so much!

Ok, you can sure tell these 2 are brothers, right? Todd and Tim (ten years apart)

What a goofy family,, but we had sooooooooo much fun this year and laughed alot! Thanks to all our wonderful kids and grandkids.. WE SURE LOVE YOU!

"TIS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON"!!! We began our season at the temple lights.. enjoyed so much.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas is Coming!!!

I am very excited about Christmas this year, as all my kids will be home! We are even scheduled for family pictures...yay! I have put together a few pics of what is set up so far... I still haven't found the star I want for the top of the tree... but am looking for the one I want! Maybe today is the day I will find it!
Christmas is a beautiful time of the year. I think mostly it's about families, good friends, being together and celebrating the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. I have had this nativity a long time... and look forward to setting it up each year and thinking of that beautiful time when Jesus was born, humbly with family around and those who loved Him... that's what Christmas is to me.

The sister gave me those candle holders with the candy cane candles many years ago... love to get them out each year also.. I love traditions!

If you look closely you can see 2 little angel ornaments with our 2 little angel's names on them..Melissa and Courtney.

Christopher and Tim are home this year, a first in many!!! They live nearby in Mesa.

I couldn't get everything done without the help of these 2! They are always willing to pitch in!We hung snowflakes this year in the window.. I thought they looked so pretty! Still working on the tree.. I bought it last year with the money from my garage sale . Those after Christmas sales for trees are great!

Of course the first thing I did was change out the door! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! Can't wait to see you you my dear sweet loved ones and friends that mean so much!

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Richard is a great camp cook! Here he is cookin' with his father in law!
Some favorite pictures of mine... He sure looks like a proud father doesn't he?

I am most proud of Richard and feel so blessed to have him be part of our family. Some of the things we love about Richard is that he is a wonderful husband and father. He has a great sense of humor and makes me laugh out loud. Thanks Richard for being who you are!

He had just become a father in this Jaron Ellis Turley is just a few days old! Vinnie and Todd share the joy!

One of the most recent of the "Richard Turley Family" We sure love you Richard and hope you have a wonderful day!

Friday, November 28, 2008


Thanksgiving 2008 was a little quiet at our house this year. We had a smaller group than usual, Mom, Dad, Tim, Kiff and Pete and I. We take turns with the married kids going to their in-laws. Here's my dad taking it easy after the feast. My dad always takes a good picture. He is 86 now and is doing quite well for his age! We all love and respect him for the wonderful Dad he is and grandpa! Love ya Dad!!!
Here Kiff is ready and eager to dig in! ( I asked him to sit down and let me take his picture before we cut into the bird! Christopher is so handsome.. Doesn't he look like a young John Wayne? He is the quiet type like him too!

One of my most favorite things about dinners are the setting of the table... I love to set a nice table and use china and all...It gives me great joy to sit down and enjoy family, good food and a beautiful table!

Here is our Thanksgiving party except me the picture taker! Tim reminded us that we forgot to go around the table with our "thankful thoughts" so while we began to eat, we expressed what we were thankful for this year...We had gone all around and my dad was last. His was the sweetest...he only said, "I'm thankful for Chris" with tears welling up in his eyes.. it was a tender moment for me and especially mom (his wonderful caregiver these days) I know that all she does for dad now has more meaning.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Beautiful Weekend...

This past weekend was special and one not soon forgotten... My friend Jane's mother lost her battle to cancer and her funeral was this past Friday. This is Jane's family (upper l-r) brother Robert, husband Dave, Jane, Dad Bill and her kids, Amber and Peyton. Jane doesn't have any sisters, and only Robert her brother. I told her I would go to St. Johns with her and be her sister! Jeanne went with me and we had a great experience. We were in the car driving alot, but overall it was so great! We loved serving our sister, Jane and helping her get through this trying time. Jane you are awesome and we admire you greatly and will continue to pray for you and your sweet family. Thanks for letting us be with you.
Of course this allowed me time with my daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren too, So here we are ready for the day with Kamrielle and Jeanne and me.

They are soooooo cute! I love them so much! All the way to the moon and back to Show Low!

Our little Carder Pete growing and in his very favorite place the table being fed by everyone!

Jeanne had never seen the Snowflake temple... here we are in front of our beautiful "House of the Lord."

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Few pictures of the cast...

When I first began this project, I pulled out of a hat the subject for our roadshow as did all the other directors, I chose "prophets" A little hard to build a roadshow around...but it was accompished. The songs I pulled out of the hat were: On my Own (from Les Miserables) and Wishin' and Hopin' by Burt Bacharach. Anyway, we had angels in the beginning wondering when it was their time on earth... and then earthly kids trying to combat the evils of our society today..such as choosing appropriate movies, modesty in dress and single families out there trying to make it on their own. Anyway the angels 'wished and hoped' with song and dance in opening act about their time in coming to earth... then how they came and actually through the prophets anciently and currently were able to help out people on earth with the song: " On my own" with changing of some words.. "You're not alone, there's someone here to guide you"...etc, etc...Anyway, I know they all enjoyed rehearsing and performing!
Our angels....

You know how the 3 Nephites are supposed be wondering the earth?... we had these little guys entering in and around thru-out the show.. with music playing.."Who are these children coming down?" (from Saturday's Warrior) Aren't they cute?