Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wyatt Kids Summer Visit!

I love this picture...When Carder walks with grandpa, he walks behind and watches his feet and is too cute! Hope we are always the example for him to follow.....!
I didn't grab a pic of Kam while she stayed with us this past while...borrowed from Marcy's pics! Our very darling 6yr old!

I am sorry to show this picture of me and my dependence on this for help..but Carder loved to get in with me and walk..such a little clown!
We would play catch with Carder..he finally got the hang of it! Pretty darn good for a 2 year old to catch!! We were excited and he loved to play!

As hot as it is down here...he still loved to go outside and swing with Grandpa...I finally have to go out tell them that both their faces were red and they needed to come in........
Alot of what I've been doing lately the last 5 weeks while I recuperate from a total knee surgery... I don't know who even took this picture...It's taken some time...but I finally have adjusted that this just may take awhile.. I've read books, watched movies, enjoyed just being home with my husband in the cool of our home...not too bad. ( Actually went for the first time to the office today for 3 hours)

I needed to post this picture as well.. our daughter came over and cooked a most delicious breakfast for us on Father's day.. She is a keeper for sure!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

41 YEARS! But whose counting?

JUST KIDDING! I am...We are celebrating differently this year as I am laid up with recovering from knee replacement surgery. Usually we are off to the white mtns for some fun but a little different this year. Thanks to my wonderful husband who gave up his time to be with me...wait a minute I guess he signed up for that 41 years ago...ok! I get it! But it has been hard on me to watch him give up that time...Sorry but it has... I will look back on this Summer and forget I am sure of the rough spots.. but for now ... a tear or 2 a day is not unusual for me...
As I said we would love to be where the wind blows..CAN'T believe I said that! The Pines whirling sound as the Summer breezes come thru.. the thunder and lighting storms..our good friends we love to hang out with...(you know who you are) (J&T) grandkids running in and out of our trailer...taking a drive to who knows where? night air... I know there is always next Summer!

But all in all I love spending my time eating, sleeping and just being where he is! Love you my sweetheart of 41 years!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Birthday to some very special Grandchildren!

Special because their mine! Happy birthday to our oldest turning 16 this month! We love you Jaron and have enjoyed attending your games when we can. You are an awesome grandson. We appreciate all you do to be who you are!
Kamrielle is turning 6! Happy birthday to our precious little darling girl! We love you and your cute ways...You are a joy beyond comprehension to us.. thanks for your love during this difficult time for Grandma! Call me!

Our "Paigie Poo" is turning 10! Yikes! You got there so soon! Paige is the sweetest, most loving girl! We love her to visit anytime she wants! Come again soon! Grandma needs you!