Saturday, April 24, 2010

Older Caregiving/Younger Caregiving...

Life has it's seasons' and I'm certainly in a busy one...(I know I'm always in a busy one) but this one is different as I have witnessed the aging process of my dear parents. They are needing us kids at this particular time. Dad is in pretty much severe dementia and Mom is recovering from a pacemaker insertion surgery and a right broken wrist (cast) from a fall. It's been very hard on them. Time consuming for me. Those of you that have helped out...Thank you very much! They did so much for us, it is only our turn to give back.
We had the joy of watching our grandkids yesterday..for that is another great privilege we so love to do! I love to be around small ones..they make me laugh, I never grow tired of watching their cute little ways. Pictured above is C.R. just before he was falling asleep.. isn't he getting chubby?

Here is Carder...he wanted to be a cowboy so he found this sun hat of Grandpa's and wore it around a big part of the day. He thought it was cowboy enough for him! Grandpa in the background watching his garden grow!!
Loving to play with the dump truck...
One of Caden's favorite past times. Curled up with a good book. Serving our family.. it's all part of the plan and of course, Family comes first!!! I sure love mine.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

They've always been there for me!

Through out my life there as been some rough days...(the loss of 2 of my daughters), but when the going got really rough, I could always count on my sisters in the "Relief Society" to come through. It's not a big thing they have to do, it's not like they want the glory or anything, they just want the hurt to go away for anyone that might be hurting...My mom is currently going through some rough spots in the last while, in and out of hospital, heart issues etc. My dad is suffering from dimentia, the list goes on as my brothers and sisters are taking up the slack so to speak..anyway. I came home the other day and found this little gift on my porch. It brought a tear to my eye as I reflected on times past when "my sisters" have always been there. I am so thankful to them and those who care so much when we feel lonely and tired from caring for those we love.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Spectacular Conference Weekend!!!

This picture sort of sums up our great trip! We were so happy to finally get to our session we had tickets to... we loved every minute that led up to this day and the good times that followed. The conference center in itself is magnificent and to be with people from all over the world in our glorious worldwide church continues to strengthen me in all that I do.
On our way up to conference, we took the boys through Zions National Park. We saw so many beautiful mountains and rock, it was impossible to snap a picture and do it justice... I did try in a few...

We were very blessed to take our two 13 and 14 year old grandsons with us. They sure keep me young! Here I am with Caden who didn't always open his eyes in pictures and wasn't willing to take more pictures, it's ok!
Then there was Trevon! I hope they had as much fun as we did!
These two are among the finest! They stand tall with Grandpa and I.. I know they will be great men.

We stopped along the way in Zion's, the boys would run up to the top of some of the hills, and I would snap... worried me some, but they were fine.

See what I mean? Scary! But I know they are big boys........

Coming down the rocky hills. Nice stretches on our long drive to Salt Lake.
More nice views of us at Zions. As we were coming out of Zions, right on the road is this guy's yard was elk he had fenced!!! I have never (I don't think) been so close to elk,,had to take a picture! The picture just above is the boys at "This is the Place Monument" We enjoyed a train ride around viewing the sights here.It was very cold in Utah this time! We made use of our Winter coats this trip!

More wildlife running in and around the park at "This is the Place".
We also took them to the "First Encampment" We wanted them to know and be proud of who they are and where they come their great, great Grandfather was among those first to arrive in Salt Lake and the "First Encampment. Found his name engraved in some of the stone there.

The beautiful Conference center and two very handsome young men.

Can never get a bad picture of this beautiful temple!
Love this view of the temple.
It stands tall and proud just like my grandsons...

Here are Trevon and Caden inside this arch outside of Moab! I was amazed at their ability to run up those hills and get to their destination. They are building character and strong bodies just as this solid rock, solid temples, solid gospel background I know they will continue to follow the path of our Savior as they hold fast to the faith they are building through out their lives.