Saturday, August 28, 2010

FOREVER In Our Hearts...

As I think about my 4th daughter's birth I am in awe of where she was in her life as I look back... I find little notes in her scriptures, on pages of scrapbooks, on old greeting cards and other keepsakes she made thru the years past. I know she lived such a full life in her 17 years ! She gave so much to all of us and left such memories that are instilled in us all, that we will never, ever forget! I know her friends meant so much to if any of you check this post out the first 2 pics are ones taken by you and made into a precious scrapbook left for us...for that we will always give thanks.
This was taken at Karlee's house? Right? They all had so much fun together!

As we celebrate her birth...I posted a couple of pics with her celebrating with with her brother in law, Richard and Kiff by her side.
Helping Grandma blow out her candles!

Another celebration: Shower for Marcy and baby Jaron on his way into the world....I keep this little shirt Melissa is wearing in my cedar chest as I remember she loved to wear it. WE miss her everyday and thru the years if not more each year...You are thought of many days..thru rainbows, shining stars, butterflies , some of God's wonderful creations..I felt blessed to be your mother and treasure the moments we had you here on earth~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Thursday, August 12, 2010

40 years young!!!!

My oldest turning this milepost birthday also indicates I am getting older also! So hang on Marcy and enjoy the ride! A mother couldn't ask for a more darling daughter! Here she was in her kitchen preparing a birthday meal for her mother...loved those chicken enchiladas!
One of her most favorite past times... keeping up with her sons! (which she does so well)

I had to put this picture up...I love it and seems like it was just yesterday in a way...on her blessing day.

Marcy is always willing to take care of her nieces and she is with our precious Carder.
At one of the many ball games she attends for the her boys..and with another niece and son, Camdon. We love you sweetheart and wish you one of the HAPPIEST BIRTHDAYS EVER!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Even though she is very far away this year on her special day, our thoughts are forever with her! Who would have thought my little bald headed baby daughter would grow up and have this much hair!
With her busy past time lately!!! A darling, growing family! She looks very happy don't you think?

We sure do love and miss this little girl and her sweet family. But are very happy they are together forever in Texas right now.
Thanks for all that she does for us and for the wonderful grandchildren from her! Happy, Happy Birthday LoraLeigh!!!!