Friday, November 26, 2010


This Thanksgiving was mostly very quiet..and that's ok. Here mom and I before the feast. I look a bit tired as I was up since 3 that morning, worrying over a dinner for 7! It doesn''t matter how many, you still have to prepare turkey and ALL the trimmings!!! I slipped up on taking more pictures of the day...but we had 2 of our sons, one of our son's friends, mom, dad and us.
Tim and I noticed this most beautiful sunset recently, he loves them as I do!
He ran out and captured the moment.
It certainly makes me aware of all my many blessings when I see God's hand in the creations of the world..I always think of a song I sang once: "God painted a picture and called it the world"

Our wonderful men of the family! We are thankful for all that they are and are becoming... They all gathered near and around Fathers day this last Summer..I guess we are missing Tim also a few other nephews came as well.

I cannot do a post on gratitude without mentioning our sweet grandchildren!

I am so thankful for my girls.

Another incredible blessing, this past year was the birth and healing power that was present of our newest, little grandson Carl Ray. He's almost a year now!

We are blessed with so many wonderful friends and family! As this year comes to a close, I pause to give thanks and ponder the many thoughts and feelings I felt as I experienced trials, joys, grandkids concerts, calls/text from my kids, smiles from my husband...Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

October Events...

First of all our son and his family came for a visit..mainly for his 20yr class reunion, but we got to see them some. HE is having a birthday this next week and so I am paying tribute to him. I want him to know I think that he is an awesome, kind, loving, thoughtful and just an all around good son! Hope your day is memorable and fun!
Our beautiful daughter in law and her daughter, our precious granddaughter... Tim smiling so cute in the background.

Oh yes and there was a game night...what fun they all had playing...we even got to enjoy one of Todd's school friends who joined us and was waiting for her flight to take off. You are a fun, sweet girl Kashia! Thanks to Marcy and Richard for letting us come "eat, play and enjoy"! (On their beautiful new table that Richard made)...I know, incredible!

Another view of those having fun...

Oh yes, and it happened to be Halloween weekend...these kids were so excited! A scary Paige and Luke!

Savannah and Paige couldn't wait for their fun evening with Aunt LoraLeigh and her kids!

Savannah arrived a day early..I thought her hair looked so cute all braided up! We sure love this girl!

All in all it was so magical and fun! By that term magical...I mean that it is so awesome to think they get here in about 2 hours via/flying. Then when they leave and in about another 2 hours... my son will text or call and say they've landed and are driving home then he heads into work in the same afternoon.. "magical" I loved having them come. We miss them so much when they are back home in Texas. We all had an incredible time with our sweet kids and grandkids!