Thursday, December 31, 2009

Our Christmas 2009...

Off we went to Austin TX, to be with our son and his family... In one of our silly moods, with our grandkids taking the picture!
This was one of Paiges' first sentences! We love visiting new states, new places to see, new foods to the area! (Texas BBQ! YUM!) We had fun along the journey to Austin!

Todd and Laura's home is beautiful! We hadn't visited since their new move.. here Paige and Luke in front of the tree.

Christmas morning! Luke in his new helmut to go with his new!

Like father, like son...Star wars..............!
Paige modeling some her new digs!

Todd loves the movie " Rudy" we all do.. watched it one evening.

Our kids are good to us.. evening at a resort.

Laura trying out her "thing-e-ma-jobit!" for keeping track of her running, all kinds of good stuff it could do!

Outside of their new home....

Pete in the fam. room...

Todd making us breakfast...

Todd re-modeled his staircase, very creative!

The kids in the formal dining room.

I enjoyed this day with Luke, he dropped his little cycle for awhile while he and I went for a ride in the neighborhood, he showed me his school and other country roads outside of Austin where they live.. we also laid on the trampoline in the backyard, watching different shapes of the clouds ,looking at the birds with Todd's binoculars... it was a beautiful, memorable day for me to have some one on one with my grandson, Luke!

That same day, Pete and Todd built a gate for their fence.........they also looked like they were having some fun. ("Work" can become fun in our family our kids know what we mean?)

This was a fun time at the "Salt Lick" Austin is known for this BBQ place... it was sooooooooooo good.

Meanwhile we had about a 20 min wait,, good time to take pictures! Our darling Texas kids!

Our group!

We sure loved this precious time with these cute kids! They are growing up and away too fast!

Our good looking Texas cuties!

We decided on our way home, to stop by Show Low to visit our daughter and her 2 little ones. (Vinnie and Caden were on a hunt in Tx!) It was really cold there, but we sure enjoyed our time with them! The kids were given balloons at the restaurant we all went to..they sure enjoyed the silly things!

New towels for Christmas! Are they not just darling in them? Warming up by the fire.

Carder loved to put Kam's hat on and play with his gun...

Kamrielle entertained me dancing and singing to her rock out cd! Aunt Marcy made the cd for her ... she is quite the dancer and singer!!!!

We sooooooooo enjoyed the time with the kids and grandkids this Christmas! Now home and back to the usual... it's all good!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Some Turkey and some Mistletoe, help to make the Season Bright...

I recently went to Show Low to see my grandkids Christmas concerts and these are a few pics I took! Linden School puts on a fabulous, (I call it) Christmas pageant! The kindergartens were first. Here is so cute Kamrielle as the "mistletoe"! Loved it!
She was a little shy but not when came to saying her part! She was loud and distinct! Her "sparkly dress" look exceptional!
I also saw the next night Caden's band concert! Fantastic!!!! I was a very pleased grandma!
Our adorable Kamrielle! You made the cutest mistletoe ever!!!!!!!!

I took this in her new little snow hat! She really liked it, the other granddaughters got one as well, Paige I'm bringing yours to you this week...Yippee! Texas, here we come..................!