Sunday, April 26, 2009


It's hard to believe she is 10, she got there soooo fast! Seemed the other day I was looking into her newborn eyes and hoping all good things Grandmas wish for... You have exceeded all those wishes and is turning out to be a beautiful young lady inside and out!
Our days in Pinedale with Daddy, Grandpa, Savannah and me.

She is a cutie and is always ready with a smile. Savannah loves life, loves babies, loves to draw and write. We have an amazing time with our sweet girl!
These two adore each other...sisters forever!
She loves to play with cousins... here she is with Trevon!
We are so thankful for each and every minute of our time with Savannah! We love and appreciate her parents who share her with us. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAVANNAH!!!

Lunch on Saturday

We always have such a great time with the Reidheads! We seemed to never get any trips anymore...but we took a short one Sat. We met Jim and Tamra for Mexican food in Miami, (AZ that is) then rambled around in the antique stores... very relaxing and always great fun!
I'm still laughing at your playing for Jim and losing your music off the piano!!! I know it wasn't funny at the time! You looked darling here! Thank you for taking pics off your camera phone! I used 'em for my post! (My camera had dead batteries)
Even tho still recuperating from pnuemonia, It felt good to get out! Love our life!!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Vinnie!

One of the things I love about Vinnie is how he loves his kids! (my grandkids) He has always been such a loving, caring father. I witnessed his teachings when he had a toothache a couple of weeks ago...and Kamrielle went up to her daddy and loved on him and asked him if he was ok in a such a very tender way... she didn't know I was watching was sweet.
It's fun to see Vinnie get tickled! A few years back, LoraLeigh gave him a glamour shot of herself for Christmas! He started to laugh so hard when he opened the gift... it was funny... I think he just never expected this! Anyway I love to see him laugh!
He fits in so well into our he is with all his in-law brothers and father.
This cute couple was so excited to be married! They couldn't hurry the ceremony through any faster! It's only fitting they took this swinging off the gates and into their new life together forever!
They are a beautiful family with a wonderful father at the head! We love and appreciate you Vinnie and wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Easter in the Snow!

Waking up Saturday morning in Show Low, look what we had? Not much snow...but it was plenty cold. Kamrielle's friends were knocking on the door for her to come out and play with them! Here she is!
On our way to Show Low from Albuquerque... Here is one of my favorite mountains..Sierra Montosa..getting closer to Show Low.
There is a shortcut from New Mexico to Show Low and we usually take it.. it's off the freeway and so beautiful! Not many take it... but we think it is such a pretty drive! That's Pete in front of me with the old van and I am in the new..that was the hard part, each driving by ourselves...but we made it!
We had such a nice time at LoraLeigh and is a quiet moment.. I just had to take this picture of the "sleeping Petes"
Trying to catch a picture of Carder already for church on Easter.

My Hot New Sport Car! Ha!!!

Ok, it's not really a "sports" car...but it's sporty RED! And I love it! We just got back from Abuquerque NM from the auction and look what my sweet husband bought me? I kept wondering if he would step up to the front of all those people and get the one I wanted cause he's a bit shy...when it came time to bid for this one...he stepped right up there and out bid the others!!! Yay!! we got it!!!
Time to say goodbye to the blue one! We sold it yesterday to a nice young family. I know a lot of you don't like mini vans... but they are perfect for us!!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Inspiring Weekend...

A great weekend with inspiring messages from our apostles and prophet. It seemed building faith and the importance of the temple were highlights for me. It was great to learn that the new apostle Elder Anderson was my neice's husbands mission president!
" I'm trying to be like Jesus" this also was spoken of: The love, kindness and example our Savior is for us all.

It's always great to hear the spoken word, hear the beautiful music that continually helps build testimony and realize all we have here to help us on our way back to our Father in Heaven... the gift of the be able to step outside and take a glimpse of His love through the creation is just one of many things I'm thankful for today.

Friday, April 3, 2009

179th Annual General Conference
General conference will be held on Saturday and Sunday, April 4–5, 2009. Live streams of the conference will be available. For information on worldwide broadcast times and options, see the broadcast schedule I am very excited about the next couple of days! We as in Pete and I really enjoy general conference! We love to attend and do when we can...but this year it is just a "stay at home and feast!" ( at least upon the word) Well anyway everyone have a great weekend!