Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Paying Tribute to DAD...

This is the family that was able to stay for the Graveside Services on Wed. As I think of the times my dad has been there for me.. I want to write a few of those times down so I can always remember his kindness and helpfulness he was...Like the time he would build shelves for me in my home. HE was the best shelf builder ever! I didn't have alot of room in our little Show Low house as my family was would come to my rescue and build me shelves to put things up and away. He once helped me put up an entire artificial Christmas tree! One branch at a time! Ever had one of those?? Very difficult. (My daughter now has that tree) I have an easier one. But Dad helped me the first time to put it that' s love. All the daddy daughter parties he went to. He built me my first new home! Loved it! When times were hard and money was tight and we were laying to rest one our beloved was my Dad that went with us to the mortuary and paid the balance of our debt there. Dad always kept a journal...he would write down the most everyday thing..but he appreciated whenever I cooked a meal for him and mention it in his journal. He always showed his gratitude. He took such good care of us, laid the lunch money down every Monday morning...took me on the job to the places he was building.. I loved to watch him hammer.. he could hammer in a nail in 2 swings and louder than anyone I have heard hammer!! He built us a cabin to enjoy on weekends.. such fond memories of us at the cabin. One of my favorite memories was going with my dad as he and I received our patriarchal blessings at the same time. I was about 15 or 16. That was a treasured time with Dad. My dad was a righteous man. I look up to him as only a daughter could and know that he would always hold fast to his principles. HE was a great example to me of how to follow the Saviour. I hope I can only try to be as good as he was. This picture was taken in about mid Dec. last month...hard to believe he declined so rapidly and left us on Jan. 14th. HE is a great man, husband, father and grandfather...for that I will always feel love and gratitude for our father.

The events that transpired after his death last Friday the 14th of Jan.. are actually posted here a bit backwards..beginning today with his burial and graveside services at the Veteran's cemetary. This is when the Military presented and honored Dad with this beautiful flag to mom, which draped his casket . They gave a wonderful presentation. Dad would have been very emotional and patriotic about this.

Here are our pall bearers(sons, sons in law, and grandsons) bringing Dad over to the shelter.

The 21 gun salute was sobering and lovely.

On Sunday we had the viewing. Here Pete with his brother Fred (Irva slightly showing). They have always been there for us.. We appreciate and love them.

A picture of who was left at the viewing that hadn't gone home with her kids.

It was such a nice brunch with us all getting together Sunday morning. Lovely to eat together and not have fix and clean up at home for one meal. We have the best memories of times past and these last few days with our large family!

I was concerned I didn't get a picture of LoraLeigh!!! But yes, we got one!!! whew! So glad all my kids could come.

Grandpa sure loved his grandkids! Always teaching and inspiring good works..........

Very happy Todd could fly out as well, he was a grandpa's boy for a long time...Tim always willing to help his grandparents out.

Roger's family.. it was a so good Missy, Gary and boys could come too

These brothers, Stan and Roger, are awesome...always working. (Like my dad) they made themselves useful. Here they built mom a raised floor and ramp for easier times coming out of her bedroom. She just has to get used to it.

While us girls were busy laughing and visiting inside, the guys found them a home in the "garage" with the garb. dumpsters... I found it funny and had to get their picture! My brother, Kenny.

Step brother, Roger.

Pete and Stan.

Roger's wife, Carol; Kenny's wife, Judy and mom

Me with our family minus LoraLeigh as she hadn't flown in yet.

Paul with his kids who were there by then..more came later.

The guys had some fun time laughing over all the times we have had together... my sons with Paul and some of his sons.

Mom and son Todd.

Grandma with granddaughter, Sarah.

My sister and I.

My daughter Marcy and Paul's Lucy.

Stan's wife, Kitty who busied herself and made all the girls, beautiful crochet scarfs! Love her for
her time, effort and service. My sons laughing and having a good time with more family times, we will cherish these and more of these times forever and our memories of Dad will live on through his 36 grandchildren and 42 great grandchildren!.............We missed those that could not be here, so sorry I didn't get a picture of our step sister Linda, but she was there and helped out so much, she flew out before I could get her picture. Thanks to all of those that could come and be with Dad before and after he passed...Love you DAD!!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year Everyone!

Dad is 88 years old and ailing from alzheimers and becoming more frail. I think this will be the last time he is ever able to come to my was very hard on him (and hard on me to watch) as he could hardly walk, and then to get him in and out of the car was very difficult. He ate well, then slept in this chair this eve of Christmas. What a wonderful Father!
This has been a wonderful Christmas and happy holidays! ( Went by way too fast) We have been blessed this year and continue to count our many blessings! We didn't get to see LoraLeigh and Todd's families but look forward to our upcoming fun Summer that is planned. We did get to skype visit with LL's family so we did kind of get to see them!

Our daughter, Marcy lives nearby so we had some fun celebrations with her family!

Trevon received a remote control helicopter...of which you cannot really see here...but he is flying's in the front lower right of the tv at this moment. Uncle Tim loved it too, he has gone out and bought himself the same toy since. It is pretty cool I must say!

I love that Christmas time is about getting together as families and friends. We had these times and more...We had friends over at our home this past Monday evening (no pics) but we did..very fun. Also a New years eve party last night at some other friends! Great times for laughing, games, food and HUGS!

Such a good picture of Marcy's family. They are growing up way too fast. Our grandsons from this sweet family are good boys and we sure think the world of them.. and of course their parents!

Yep! This is a 3 generation picture. Mom, me and my daughter. We were so happy to have mom and dad come share with us our traditional Christmas Eve dinner. By the way, Marcy did the design on Grandmas shirt years back, but Grandma loves to get it out and wear it at Christmas time.

I can't remember what we were laughing over...but it had to be funny!

Time for visiting is always the greatest to just sit and be with one another and not be in any hurry to get that.

Happy Grandpa...enjoying his time off! We sure hope 2011 is the best for everyone of our family members and wonderful friends.