Saturday, November 29, 2008


Richard is a great camp cook! Here he is cookin' with his father in law!
Some favorite pictures of mine... He sure looks like a proud father doesn't he?

I am most proud of Richard and feel so blessed to have him be part of our family. Some of the things we love about Richard is that he is a wonderful husband and father. He has a great sense of humor and makes me laugh out loud. Thanks Richard for being who you are!

He had just become a father in this Jaron Ellis Turley is just a few days old! Vinnie and Todd share the joy!

One of the most recent of the "Richard Turley Family" We sure love you Richard and hope you have a wonderful day!

Friday, November 28, 2008


Thanksgiving 2008 was a little quiet at our house this year. We had a smaller group than usual, Mom, Dad, Tim, Kiff and Pete and I. We take turns with the married kids going to their in-laws. Here's my dad taking it easy after the feast. My dad always takes a good picture. He is 86 now and is doing quite well for his age! We all love and respect him for the wonderful Dad he is and grandpa! Love ya Dad!!!
Here Kiff is ready and eager to dig in! ( I asked him to sit down and let me take his picture before we cut into the bird! Christopher is so handsome.. Doesn't he look like a young John Wayne? He is the quiet type like him too!

One of my most favorite things about dinners are the setting of the table... I love to set a nice table and use china and all...It gives me great joy to sit down and enjoy family, good food and a beautiful table!

Here is our Thanksgiving party except me the picture taker! Tim reminded us that we forgot to go around the table with our "thankful thoughts" so while we began to eat, we expressed what we were thankful for this year...We had gone all around and my dad was last. His was the sweetest...he only said, "I'm thankful for Chris" with tears welling up in his eyes.. it was a tender moment for me and especially mom (his wonderful caregiver these days) I know that all she does for dad now has more meaning.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Beautiful Weekend...

This past weekend was special and one not soon forgotten... My friend Jane's mother lost her battle to cancer and her funeral was this past Friday. This is Jane's family (upper l-r) brother Robert, husband Dave, Jane, Dad Bill and her kids, Amber and Peyton. Jane doesn't have any sisters, and only Robert her brother. I told her I would go to St. Johns with her and be her sister! Jeanne went with me and we had a great experience. We were in the car driving alot, but overall it was so great! We loved serving our sister, Jane and helping her get through this trying time. Jane you are awesome and we admire you greatly and will continue to pray for you and your sweet family. Thanks for letting us be with you.
Of course this allowed me time with my daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren too, So here we are ready for the day with Kamrielle and Jeanne and me.

They are soooooo cute! I love them so much! All the way to the moon and back to Show Low!

Our little Carder Pete growing and in his very favorite place the table being fed by everyone!

Jeanne had never seen the Snowflake temple... here we are in front of our beautiful "House of the Lord."

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Few pictures of the cast...

When I first began this project, I pulled out of a hat the subject for our roadshow as did all the other directors, I chose "prophets" A little hard to build a roadshow around...but it was accompished. The songs I pulled out of the hat were: On my Own (from Les Miserables) and Wishin' and Hopin' by Burt Bacharach. Anyway, we had angels in the beginning wondering when it was their time on earth... and then earthly kids trying to combat the evils of our society today..such as choosing appropriate movies, modesty in dress and single families out there trying to make it on their own. Anyway the angels 'wished and hoped' with song and dance in opening act about their time in coming to earth... then how they came and actually through the prophets anciently and currently were able to help out people on earth with the song: " On my own" with changing of some words.. "You're not alone, there's someone here to guide you"...etc, etc...Anyway, I know they all enjoyed rehearsing and performing!
Our angels....

You know how the 3 Nephites are supposed be wondering the earth?... we had these little guys entering in and around thru-out the show.. with music playing.."Who are these children coming down?" (from Saturday's Warrior) Aren't they cute?

Sunday, November 16, 2008


One of the reasons I love Arizona is for the beautiful sunsets! I couldn't resist this last night... I was on my way to the performances of our roadshows and saw this beautiful thing. I guess you might attach this to my post by saying I am over with this assignment and on to the this time in my life closes another something always arises hence I know the sun sets and yet another will arise...I was asked to do our roadshow about 6 weeks ago or so for our ward and let me tell you it has not been an easy task for me! But all in all was so rewarding as I saw these kids enjoy themselves and develop and then perform. They were awesome in every way. I did forget my camera, as I had a lot to remember... so therefore you are only seeing me when I got home with a prize! Some friends are supposed to email me pictures later... I will post then.
Now bragging a little... our show got " best musical number" and I received this for being a director! I must say the stake roadshow specialist did say "she thought ours was the best" That made my night and I forgot all the agony one goes through to put on one of these productions and work with a "bunch" of teenagers!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Busy! But Still Enjoying Fall Activities!!!

Once the weather cools off, I usually start baking some... and of course these are fun to do and most enjoy eating them!
My pictures for this post are a little backwards but you'll get my drift, I hope! Last Saturday we went to Time out for Women at Phx Civic Plaza.. Jeannie on the left was with me, she is good friends with Jenny Jordan Frogley..She has an amazing voice! I had to get their picture together!

This young lady was sitting behind us with no camera, she wanted her picture taken with Jenny too! I thought it turned out cute. I emailed to her.

These next two photos are for my daughter LoraLeigh!!! She loves Hillary Weeks' music, I couldn't resist getting these close ups for her... Hillary was so sweet and I told her "My daughter loves her!" She was so nice.

Her performance was soooo great, Especially loved her song : "He Hears me" And one I had never heard before, "If I only Had Today" Loved that one!

We really got great seats, we were on the front row as Jane and I are tall and like the leg room. Here we are again with Jeannie, Jenny, me and Jane.

The "Happy girls day out" We so enjoyed the day and look forward to next year!

This was one of our Sunday meals with my sweet mom and dad, Kiff and Pete. We played a game of password after dinner (of course.)

MY ONLY 2 TRICK-OR-TREATERS!!! 2 Darling clowns (Camdon and Marcy)

I love to decorate in Fall colors!!! Had to get a picture of my door! Christmas will soon be around the corner....meanwhile I sure am enjoying November and the cool Winters here in the valley!

Friday, November 7, 2008


Here is Todd in his office in Austin. He worked very hard to get his and Laura's office up and running! He designed and built and decorated and how it shows... He and Laura did a beautiful job and take alot of pride in their practice.
A few years back with his 3 kids, Luke, Savannah and Paige.

Todd always loved numbered shirts, anything to do with sports! Here he is in one of his "favs"Dallas colors and all...look at that smile!

This was another one of his favorites! The "gold and green" as in Show Low Cougars!!!

Another birthday awhile back... with his sisters, LoraLeigh, Melissa and his buddy, Preston holding Kiff.

He's still playing "hoops" after all these years.. You are still young and handsome! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, son. We love you!