Wednesday, May 26, 2010

All that I am...I owe to Kindergarten! (or something like that)

There is a poem that says it better than I said in the title of this post...about how kindergarten set us all up for life...something about learning to love unconditionally; taking a nap every afternoon; graham crackers and milk for a snack everyday...ANYWAY!
I recently returned from a week with my darling daughter and grandchildren. Among the festivities of end of the school year was a promotion for Kamrielle from kindergarten to 1st grade! It was so lovely and I was very proud of the way she did her little part on the program. Thanks Kam for a wonderful week playing with you, Carder and C.R. I had a blast with you in my trailer with me... it is another sweet memory for Grandma!
Here she is receiving her certificate of achievment!

A little sweet shy look after she is coming to sit down after receiving in front of everyone...
I love this little girl so much!

You gave your part the very best of everyone!!!! I know I'm the grandma but I still think so!

I can't believe how well you sang the very best of everyone too! I think you are just the cutest and sweetest of all 5 year olds!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Rejoicing in my children...

I love being mom. I love my kids and sometimes it's hard to find the words...and so tonight I can't find the words to describe my feelings about being mom, except that I have a deep love for every minute I spent with my kids when they were small and now as they are all love has deepened. It was my great privilege to have 7 children. (5 living) I heard from them all as 2 of them don't live nearby. I wait for those treasured phone calls. I feel so blessed to have lived this long and continue to rejoice in my children!
I love that my mom is still here with us! I love picking up the phone and calling her whenever I want..going over and serving is joy and fills my heart with more love again than I could ever describe! How did I ever get to be this old and still have my mother with me??!! What a blessing!

Saturday we went over and spent time with mom and dad for Mother's day. It was sweet, simple and good to see mom up and around and smiling again! Isn't she beautiful?

Our eldest had us over for Mother's day. It was so wonderful to be treated like a Queen! The table was beautiful, the food was spectacular, the company was the best!!! Here she is with her eldest! Tim was present as well thanks Tim!..My camera died, Marcy has those pics and will email me soon with his picture!

With her darling middle child...

and the youngest! (I didn't say baby)

Camdon read us one of his latest poems. What a treasure my grandchildren are!!! Thanks again to all my children for your kind words and deeds!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Savannah is 11 years!!!

She is growing up and so beautiful! WE are so proud of her accomplishments. One of them is gymnastics.. we went to watch her perform and I must say I was so proud of her and the way she tries hard to excell in all she does.
I left my camera home and so these pics are not very good..(cheap camera) But you can get the idea! I couldn't believe all the girls and a few guys who are enrolled in this gymnastics program..They do a fabulous job with these kids.

Here is our Savannah in action! What form?!!!!

A very proud mother of her sweet 11 yr old daughter.
I think it shows how we feel... We love and appreciate all this darling granddaughter is to us! She is a treasure and a delight! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Savannah May!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Carl Ray Has His Special Day...

Here he is already for his blessing day! He really is a good baby and never cries much..I guess he doesn't like his picture taken...(sorta like his dad and brother, Caden) Our daughter takes such good care of her family.
Finally an updated family picture of our sweet Wyatt family. My, their family is growing!
Another shot...I'm not the best at getting everyone and I am always told to hurry! but this is not bad!

LoraLeigh and Vinnie worked hard in the kitchen and made such a nice dinner on Sat. and Sun. WE sure loved being with them all, wished I would have got a picture of the snow we received on Sunday! Melted by the time we had our dinner and headed home.
The cute grandkids that were able to attend the blessing. Eight out of 12 not too bad!

C.R. having some play time on his tummy... We didn't have all these pillows and such for our babies...all nice helps for baby though!

One of the best pictures of the weekend! Thanks Uncle Richard, I think you were taking some pictures for me..if you took this one..thanks again! Todd's Cute Savannah and LoraLeigh's,Kamrielle!

Carder was out and about..he loves outdoors...I followed him around one morning...he loves the swing!

I just love the blue sky and clouds in the mountains. They are sooooooo beautiful! The view is from LoraLeigh and Vinnie's front porch.. Such good therapy for me. This was another great joy along the journey of life.. being with our kids, grandkids, Vinnies side of the family as well, on a very sacred and special occasion. Those that could not come, you were missed.