Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Burst of Energy...and a Desert Walk

For those of you that have ever had TMJ, I can really empathize with you! I have been suffering with it for some time now and find it really getting in my way! But after going to the chiropractor yesterday, following that my husband took me out to one of my favorites: Red Lobster! Anyway I was feeling really energized and came home started doing some baking. I ended up with some bread and lemon (fresh lemons off of a friend's tree) meringue pies. I love to bake for my family and friends, so glad I did it while feeling so great!
Tim and Pete went hiking today. They said the desert was exceptionally green and beautiful! As you can see! Here is Tim amongst all the lush grass.

They came upon this beautiful and LARGE saguaro cactus! Here is Pete in front of it, as you can see, the cactus seemed to dwarf him in size!
Saturdays are such fun times to kick back and enjoy hiking, baking or just hanging out with family or friends... We did both today and enjoyed the heck out of this Saturday!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"Jaron's Team" Played the Cards!

This is Jaron, our oldest grandson and I know he wasn't this happy at the outcome of the final score. He has loved the Eagles since he was quite young. We were pulling for them to win Jaron...oh well maybe next year?
After church last Sunday, our friends invited us and the Jones' over for dinner and to watch the Eagles and the Cards play. We had lots of food and fun, here are the Mack's getting the food ready in their pretty kitchen.

More of us having a really good time!

I think these 3 did more visiting than watching the football game, but it sure was a good time.. Thanks to the Mack family for the invite! Hurry home Jeanne! we miss you!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Little Road Trip...and misc other pictures...

Through the years, my husband and I have enjoyed "rides". Mostly we go alone now, but used to take our kids on them, friends, whomever will go.. I think it's a great way to relax and you don't have to go to far! Today was no exception, as we went on a ride to Globe ..took Mom and Dad as seen below. We always enjoy getting out and I know they did also. Thanks mom and dad for going with us and hopefully you enjoyed Guayos as much as we do! The icecream at "31" was awesome too!
Mom, Dad and Pete in front of Guayos..(we are doing some major free advertising for these guys) Maybe we should get a few free meals...mmmm not a bad idea!

There's my Dad! Even at 86, he is still handsome!
I wanted to get a picture of our fruit this year! Look at the size of the grapefruit on the left and one of our navel oranges on the right!!! These were huge! (Thanks! Tim for posing with them)

What can I say? Such a nice picture of Christopher! I sure love my kids! I know I have the very best of the best there is!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy Birthday to Laura!!!

Each year, Laura has become more dear to me than the last... I love her as I do my own daughters and cherish time with her.
Here she is with Great Grandpa, LoraLeigh and Carder... Laura is a very caring person to those around her.
She married into this large family when she married Todd...and fits in beautifully. Here she is with cousins, Jen, Tracy and friends, Leslie and Willie, oh yeah and the guy she married, what's his name? oh yes, TODD!

They do make a nice couple.. My son is very lucky to have a wife so compatible as Laura.. of course it helps when your both chiropractors!!!

She is beautiful inside and out!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAURA! Thanks for all your love and help this past Christmas! I couldn't have made it without you!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

More Holiday Fun!

We took the oppurtunity to ride up to Show Low for a few days during our time off. We had more fun times as you will see below. This is LoraLeigh and Vinnie's pretty tree! You really can't take a picture of Christmas tree and do it justice... This tree was just beautiful when in reality looking at it... I had to take a picture of it.
Jim celebrated his birthday while we were visiting. Here are Jim and Pete in front of the Reidheads beautiful tree... These two are "good buddies!"

We are so happy Jim and Tamra now have a grandchild too! They adore little Brody and it shows in this picture!

I just had to get this picture of Pete in front of "his Guayos" He loves this place and can find no better Mexican food than here in Globe! We travel out of our way sometimes just so we can get our Guayo's fix!

IIt's always kinda sad when it is time to take down the holiday decorations. I always feel melancoly about it and had to snap LoraLeigh this morning starting the task at her home.

Our darling daughter and her darling babe, Carder!

Well, when you are empty nesters...sometimes you have to take your own picture! Here we are all ready to go over to some friends for our New year's Eve night of dinner, games and fun!Here is Carder with Gus. He loves the dog and tries to bark like him.. Gus is very patient and learning to adjust to yet another member of the Wyatt clan! They let Gus in out of the cold onto this rug by the back door... but last night LoraLeigh found him in Carder's room!!!!! She said no more... Gus is out of here! I think Gus likes Carder.

Here is Caden flexing for me! He is feeling his oats lately... He is such a fine young man.. We enjoyed going out and doing some chores with him for their neighbors who have cows, ponies and dogs to times with you Caden! Thanks for letting us tag along!

Kamrielle in my winter hat and with her movie we went up and watched with her! She loves the Chipmunks!

LoraLeigh had a tree upstairs she let Caden and Kamrielle decorate themselves.. Kamrielle was soooo proud of this little tree!

The holidays were so spectacular this year! I so enjoyed our time with our kids, grandkids and extended family and friends. Here is a picture with mom, dad, Kenny, Judy and us! I am sorry to see it all come to an end and go back to the reality of work, and our busy lives without fun and holiday parties, but that's life, like it or not! There is always next year right?