Monday, June 6, 2011

This FIRE is very sad...

This is the view from yesterday in Show Low near our new Summer home. We are sad to say we have another forest fire out of control near Round Valley, Greer, Alpine....

We drove over with friends yesterday to check on our other friends in Eagar. So very sad as they were getting ready and taking precious belongings that cannot be replaced, in case of evacuation for thier town. Smoke completely covering that area, that we could hardly breathe.

Another view of the plume of smoke mounting and burning our beautiful forest. As things have progressed today, Pete and Jim are actually driving back over to the Round Valley area to pick more of these friend's special things that cannot be that area IS NOW been upgraded to "potential evacuation!" This is too much like 2002 when we all had to evacuate Show Low, Pinedale and surrounding areas for the Rodeo Chediski fire! Sometimes life is not fair.

I mentioned I would post my sewing project in our new Summer place. Seems a bit worldly now as my sweet friend in Eagar is maybe having to part with all that she has put into her cabin the last 14 years!

Some rugs I purchased to warm up our little home away from home. Pete's puzzle on the card table.

Another rug I found. Everyone please PRAY for those people with their homes and everything they have in harms way tonight.

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