Monday, May 23, 2011


This was an amazing week for me! Ialways have this week off before Summer semester begins at the institute, and my regular routine most every year and I usually do something fun like out of my usual routine!
This year I traveled up to our new "Summer place" in Show Low. I took my sewing machine and fabric to sew window treatments. The weather really decided to be cold, windy, rainy and even snow! But that was ok because I was content to be inside and sew! My heater went out became somewhat of a problem, so I just bundled up and stuck it out...I had a mission and if not too snowy was going to stick the week out. I found a small space heater that was left and kept it going when it got so cold I couldn't hack it. I had many covers on me at night I couldn't hardly move in my bed but I made it and the final result turned out quite nice. (I will post pictures later of our place and the new window treatments) But I did sew for 3 straight days, mission accomplished!
My husband's family gathered for some family time at his sister Sibyl's home for lunch and fun time visiting. I am posting pics of this time as well. She is sweet and dear and nearing 84. (Seen above with me) We ordered in Mexican food and had a wonderful day! Missed all those not able to be there.

Patsy and Sibyl.

Marva and Babe.

Sam and Belle.

At the end of thiswonderful week, we were able to attend Savannah's dance recital. She is getting so very talented...We were sitting pretty far back and of course in the dark. So here are a few of the pics I couldn't resist taking of her in motion! Not the best in photography but you get the 'picture'!

She was in 3 different dances, I loved everyone of them and so very proud of her ability to perform. YAY for Savannah!!!!!!!!!!!


Afterwards we were able to get a few family shots! She is getting so dang cute, this one was her idea and I loved it!

Our dance champion!!! Now onto my regular routine which isn't bad at all! Hope everyone has a fabulous Summer, I intend to.!


Sonda Bryce said...

Savannah is so blessed to have AMAZING grandparents in her life! Thank you for being so willing to always make it to the things that matter most and for being such a great friend to me. We all love you both bunches! Thanks for being the responsible adult and bringing the camera! :)

Wyatts said...

Kamrielle says "So Cute" meaning Savannah. Glad you had a nice week with family. Looking forward to seeing you all soon! Kamrielle is excited to spend time with Savannah & you too!

Tamra and Jim said...

How fun to get to see Savannah dance. She is such a beautiful girl. We enjoyed visiting last week when you were here and looking forward to the summer!

Turley fam said...

Love those aunts, fun for you guys. Savannah is beautiful as ever! Fun times! Hope you are gettin ready to party it up at the beach!!!