Saturday, June 25, 2011

Great Time with our Family!

Something is wrong with this blogging system as I have tried all day to finish posting pics...but failed somehow to make it post the rest of my pictures..will try again later or another day! But here are a few that I have posted beginning with Surfer Tim! He loves to surf and loves the ocean, I can see why as we have just returned from a 7 day vacation in Oceanside, Ca. We had such a wonderful time together with all who could come including our kids and 7 of our grandchildren! We so enjoyed being with them even the "knock, knock" at the door and run game! ( Some of my grands I am sure!) They are precious everyone to me, so it was all great.

Christopher was excited to try his skills at surfing, he enjoyed I think maybe not as much as snowboarding but so glad he tried it! He and his brother Tim enjoyed their time together as they don't always get to see each other very often anymore.

Off we went to Disneyland one day as well. WE had such a good time! Here we are about to board the Mark Twain river boat. It was quite enjoyable I must say. They have a beautiful scenic ride. We enjoy the slower approach these days to Disneyland. Everyone must try the new and improved "Star Tours" so fun!

The beautiful parade was fun to watch and listen to. A new upbeat rock kind of sound to it. Such beautiful costuming and floats! Got to sit and relax a bit which was a relief to our feet!

Marcy and Richard were sitting in front of us during the parade. We got to be with our kids alot too. As LoraLeigh and Vinnie had their 3 little ones to take and enjoy the "small world" part of Disneyland. We got to go be with them riding "Pirates", the train, and the jungle cruise. So fun to watch their little ones enjoy for the first time!Our 2 bdrm apartment was very beautiful and comfortable! Here Tim is enjoying the relaxing part of a vacation.

Tim and C.R. having a little bonding tiWe all had full kitchens so we cooked and ate in some which was nice. Christopher loves to cook and we loved his cooking!

The girls had a "3 bdrm penthouse as they called it. It was spacious and lovely. With 7 kids and 4 adults it was so nice. Here they are cooking in their kitchen.

Oh yes, we all got some sunburns! Here is Tim with aloevera gel smathered all over but we spent alot of the time at the beach and down at the pool. We used sun screen but still?

My handsome sons.

Tim was able to fly down from N. Calif to be with us! We sure are glad he did.

Fun seeing all the ocean type things...such as a lighthouse, little beach shops, the best fish and chips place! We all went out to dinner for Marcy and Richards' wedding anniversary while there and ate at a nice place off the harbor.

This is it for now, I will post more when I can get this to work for me! I absolutely love, love the ocean and the beautiful waves lapping up on the shore...Thanks to my family who came and made wonderful memories for us.

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Tamra and Jim said...

What a great time for your family. I'm anxious to see the rest of your pictures and talk to you about all that you got to do.