Sunday, September 25, 2011

Random Recent Happenings...

We have just returned from a family reunion in Show Low. Some group photos we took of those that could attend. This wasn't quite all of ours? Richard and Jaron had gone up to a car show, so they didn't get in the pic. Our beautiful daughter Marcy and her family came.

The reunion was Pete's family of brothers and sisters and their families. This is Pete and I with 1 brother and wife, 2 sisters and 1 sister in law..some of passed on.

Everyone really had a good time!

Now this cute picture was of LoraLeigh's kids when they came to visit this past Summer..Here they are packed my back seat.. we had such a good time with them. The kids were thrilled as a helicopter was landing at the hospital across the street from where we were..Carder was very EXCITED!

This picture was of Marcy and I at the Donny Osmond show. We were so excited and enjoyed the show very much!

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